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  1. My husband has started a real estate firm in the UAE and we are experimenting with the free version of Evernote to see if it will work for his business. Here, there is no MLS and I basically pound the street, going from building to building to find apartments/houses for rent that meet our clients' needs. I used one notebook and created a new note for each building. I took photos of the apartment directly into the note. My husband viewed the shared notebook, called the client and described the flats to her. The idea is to build a catalog of buildings, so we can refer to them later with other clients. It worked well except for one LARGE glitch. The photos are HUGE, making them too cumbersome to flip through even on the PC version. I tried marking them up later with Skitch, but it was such a tedious process (open with Skitch, exit, scroll back from the top to the next photo, open with Skitch, exit, scroll back from the top) that a gave up. I take about 30 photos per apartment, keep in mind! Does anyone have any tips for using Evernote better in our situation? I've already maxed out my monthly free allowance because I could not resize the photos within Evernote, and I don't want to switch to Premium until I know this will definitely be the right product for us. Someone suggested using the Food app. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. What a GREAT idea! I'll try it. Maybe there's a developer out there who wants to create an Evernote real estate app. I wish I knew how to do it myself. Thanks!
  3. I am writing in August 2013 and this is clearly still an issue. I use Android and Windows and am considering using EN for our real estate business. The whole reason I like EN is that I can take photos in the same note as I'm using to note information about the apartment. The photos are so huge, though, that it is proving to be impractical. I might as well use Word and a regular camera. Does EN plan to address this issue? All you need is an option that lets you take the picture in EN at a mid-low resolution without messing with your camera settings or using another app.
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