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  1. I checked the next two boxes up. It seems to help a little. Thanks!
  2. New white screen really hurts my eyes when I use it at night. I think most Evernote users are the type of people who spend a LOT of time staring at their computer, working at night, etc. My eyes are fine but I do find them strained at time because I use the computer a lot and Evernote's new color scheme is really not helpful. I LOVE EVERNOTE.. and I'd even PAY for some type of 3rd party app that you allow to sell themes. Please.. whatever you do, just add a dark option or something (like with Presentation mode). Or allow 3rd party apps to sell themes. But make it right. It's really painful to look at and I too am dimming my screen and squinting to use. I'd rather not waste time looking for a fix when I could be doing my work and then doing other things....
  3. Thanks to @JMichael and @gazumped. Now I'm really tempted to get a scanner!
  4. Hi.. I'm a teacher and I want to track student work by taking photos of it, then later be able to search for the their work again. I'm thinking that I could stick a 'label' (with a unique code for each student) on each of page of work they turn in to make searching easier later on. So for example.. the students have all just finished taking a test. I tell them to place their label on each page of their work. They turn the documents into me. I take a photo of each page. I upload to Evernote on all one note (to make the process faster) and I'll name the note something like "Test 001". I'll then download all the images to my computer (using 'export attachments'), batch convert to PDF (so I can edit them using GoodReader), then place all the PDFs back on Evernote. Now when I want to search for work related to a certain student, I just type in their 'code' and all their work should pop up. I'm just curious if anyone had any thoughts on that workflow? Also, in terms of creating a unique code for each student, any recommendations? (ie. avoid using dashes .. A1-001John, etc.) The bottom line: I want to track their work using images converted to PDFs, and I don't want to have to 'type any text' and still be able to find their work. (BTW, the label is because I'll be dealing with young students who may not always write their name clearly. Also, they might not write it dark enough for Evernote with their pencils.) Thanks.
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