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  1. I have a numbered list in a note. I wish to indent an item. On my laptop, I would press the tab key. There is no tab key on iOS. How to indent on iOS? Thank you for any help!
  2. From my perspective the benefit is that Evernote *theoretically* can focus on their primary business and spend less time maintaining servers. However, in practicality, it might not really help anyone except Evernote's shareholders as they become more efficient. Shrug, no harm to me either way, and I see potential benefit if they truly focus on making their products better as a result.
  3. 100% agree here. Really want this feature. I use Evernote at work and don't want my search results from OKCupid showing up onscreen when searching for something on Google with a colleague. So I disable the help on the web. But I store technical notes and personal notes with Evernote and the twain should not mix. Could get two Evernote accounts, but I have Premium and want Premium features all the time. So what should I do?
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