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  1. After more than three years I finally have an answer to this question: https://joplinapp.org/. It's open-source, the interface is faster and cleaner than Evernote's was even before the last round of (ahem) upgrades, and my old notes that were unreadable thanks to this problem appeared perfectly in Joplin once I exported to ENEX and imported as HTML. Goodbye, Evernote.
  2. This doesn't work on any iOS device I have -- iPhone 7 with latest (13.2.3), iPad with iOS 12, old iPad Pro with iOS 9. Always the same thing -- compass spins and spins and the note never saves. Like every other issue I've opened with Evernote, there's been no attempt to fix or even understand the problem. I don't exactly know what their priorities are for the product, but writing and saving notes are not among them. My solution for this problem is Pocket. Saving works flawlessly, tagging is much easier (including intelligent auto suggestions), and the UI is much better for browsing things to read. If it’s really something that needs to be in Evernote, I transfer it over when I get to a desktop computer. Hopefully there will be a good product to replace Evernote soon.
  3. Apparently "check/uncheck all" still only works on the Windows desktop version? So add "to-do lists" to the list of "Things Evernote Is No Good For." Sigh.
  4. "If you have stuff you might value in the trash -- move it out of the trash." Of course I would. If I could find it. I've up-voted the issue.
  5. Such a classic anti-user response. As if nobody ever deleted a note by mistake, and then had to dig through the trash manually to find it.
  6. In Evernote 6.11, content marked as preformatted or code is displayed in the body text font instead of the preformatted font. It's properly marked up in HTML output, but not displayed properly on screen. This is making thousands of my notes unreadable.
  7. Got the update to 5.7.2, and the problem is still there. My ticket has been ignored. Any update?
  8. Having the usual frustrating experience with support. I documented both the experience, and the problem, in a public note. So far the only response has been to repeat the request for activity logs. Sigh.
  9. Yes, I'm having exactly the same problem in 5.6.2, and had it in the other 5.6 releases as well. Opened my own support ticket.
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