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  1. This doesn't work on any iOS device I have -- iPhone 7 with latest (13.2.3), iPad with iOS 12, old iPad Pro with iOS 9. Always the same thing -- compass spins and spins and the note never saves. Like every other issue I've opened with Evernote, there's been no attempt to fix or even understand the problem. I don't exactly know what their priorities are for the product, but writing and saving notes are not among them. My solution for this problem is Pocket. Saving works flawlessly, tagging is much easier (including intelligent auto suggestions), and the UI is much better for browsing things to read. If it’s really something that needs to be in Evernote, I transfer it over when I get to a desktop computer. Hopefully there will be a good product to replace Evernote soon.
  2. Apparently "check/uncheck all" still only works on the Windows desktop version? So add "to-do lists" to the list of "Things Evernote Is No Good For." Sigh.
  3. "If you have stuff you might value in the trash -- move it out of the trash." Of course I would. If I could find it. I've up-voted the issue.
  4. Such a classic anti-user response. As if nobody ever deleted a note by mistake, and then had to dig through the trash manually to find it.
  5. In Evernote 6.11, content marked as preformatted or code is displayed in the body text font instead of the preformatted font. It's properly marked up in HTML output, but not displayed properly on screen. This is making thousands of my notes unreadable.
  6. I've been having this problem since 6.0 with any text that wasn't entered directly into Evernote. Any sign of a fix?
  7. Got the update to 5.7.2, and the problem is still there. My ticket has been ignored. Any update?
  8. Having the usual frustrating experience with support. I documented both the experience, and the problem, in a public note. So far the only response has been to repeat the request for activity logs. Sigh.
  9. Yes, I'm having exactly the same problem in 5.6.2, and had it in the other 5.6 releases as well. Opened my own support ticket.
  10. I'm sorry, yes, I edited my post to reflect that. I am as well (obviously, or I wouldn't spend time posting here), but increasingly I wonder why. My question wasn't a troll though; I'm seriously asking what role Evernote's software plays in your solution. Not as in "What's wrong with you that you're still using it," but as in, "Is there value here that I'm missing?"
  11. I know you don't speak for Evernote, but this is exactly what I believe the company's attitude is. And it's not for me to judge your preference for wallowing; I'd rather continue pursuing worthwhile workarounds or alternatives, and evaluating whether or not I should remain a paying customer of the company.
  12. Well said; that was essentially my point. I have moved on from writing in Evernote. Sounds like you've also addressed a problem outside the scope of this thread (workflow and versioning), and I'd love to read more about the solution you've created. But it sounds like you're ready to move on completely from Evernote. Surely it wouldn't be much more work to add tagging and searching? Given the strategic direction Evernote is taking, why are Libin's promises meaningful? I mean, great, a software executive is committing to delivering quality software. But his vision for the software doesn't make any sense, and we're using fewer and fewer of its features, so who cares if their next big product improvement ("Write On Your Hand With Evernote's New EverGloves! Only $99 in the Store Now! Available in White Or Bright Green!") is well-implemented or not?
  13. Perhaps it's your understanding of how large companies work that is "childish." Do you honestly think the people implementing market, or editor features, make their own decisions about their priorities? Evernote, and any maturely run company, makes decisions on product strategy at an executive level, and those decisions then drive budgeting, goals, etc, for each group. Evernote, as a company, is clearly choosing to focus on one group of not-at-all-average people (techie enough to use an online note service, wealthy/foolish enough to spend money on special pens, postits, Moleskine notebooks, etc) rather than the group of not-at-all-average people like me (who are serious about writing/organizing/note-taking). Yes, if you are a bit techie then you are probably very familiar with it, but the average Joe is I am sure blissfully unaware. Markdown is hardly "techie." It was created as a markup language for people who either didn't understand, or didn't want to bother typing, HTML.
  14. I have to agree with jemostrom above -- I couldn't care less about Evernote's support of Markdown attachments. Markdown is not a display format, it's a writing format. I don't want to attach "Markdown" documents (if I did, they'd be in a display format). I want to be able to write notes using Markdown syntax instead of Evernote's dreadful formatting options. I think Evernote has officially indicated their uninterest in this feature (apparently, producing $30 water bottles is more in line with their increasingly incomprehensible product vision) so I've long since given up and no longer write in Evernote. I use the Byword markdown editor, which allows automatic publishing to Evernote. It's not ideal, but it's usable, unlike Evernote's ridiculous interface. Given that Evernote doesn't seem to understand the concept of "writing" (beyond something they can use to sell you stupid notebooks, pens, postits, etc), I would rather see this implemented via the API, by a developer who cares about words.
  15. Since Evernote won't let me pay for good Markdown editing, I decided to pay someone else instead. Byword (http://bywordapp.com/) is a Macintosh app that supports Markdown and MultiMarkdown, and publishes to Evernote.
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