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  1. Hi Ellafont, Sorry to be late to your updates in this thread -- very busy weekend and no time to comment. I appreciate you writing in with your experience too since it shows I'm not alone here. Anyway, the bad news is that I am still seeing this behavior myself, even with the latest iOS update on my iPhone 4 and the very latest version of Evernote installed on my iPhone (the one from this past weekend with bug fixes). The only thing that works SOMETIMES is force-quitting the app, restarting my iPhone, and then opening the app repeatedly until it "catches" and goes past the green boot screen to sync my latest notes. Even then, it's often several tries before it works or even no success at all. I do not have time either to re-install the app and reload my database on a regular basis (and that's an absurd solution!!) since I have quite a few notes myself and it's not a quick process (try several hours even on a good wifi connection). I rely on Clever on my iPhone for reviewing and editing notes but it's not perfect. I also use FastEver or email to create new notes from my iPhone. There are other apps I would *like* to use to create new notes on my iPhone, like Dispatch (a new email client that came out recently) but since it tries to launch the new note in the actual Evernote app, that's a non-starter. I've also had issues where I try to authorize Evernote to use within other apps and can't get the app to open to the authorization screen, so even my editing workarounds aren't a full answer to my issues. All this to say -- I sympathize and I feel your pain. I'm a premium user too and I use Evernote for a huge part of my digital life storage. I've gotten resigned to this status on iOS but I'm not that happy about it. Please do let me know if you get anywhere with support (personally, I have found that their advice tends to be "delete and reinstall" for 99% of my inquiries, so your experience may be more of the same). Good luck. I think that will be support's advice, because that is the most effective solution, but after that they ought to be giving you different advice, asking for logs, etc. I encourage anyone who hasn't made a ticket to do so, because this will give Evernote the data they need to solve the problem. See my signature for the Support link. In addition, it wouldn't hurt to post your ticket numbers here so that staff reading these forums can reference them and maybe provide more detailed advice. Thanks Grumpy - er, Monkey - um, what I mean is, you were nice to stop by and comment.
  2. You know, many issues/problems are already addressed on the board. If you re-read the post by Phil Dean, he concludes by saying... I get your hint. That discussion dates from 2011 - and I don't have the same iPhone, the same iOS, or the same version of Evernote running that would have been out in 2011 - so it makes you wonder what the problem could be that has repeated itself over a year and a half without resolution, or if the problem I am having is even the same problem. And I am fully aware that I can post this problem to Support, but support isn't working from 5 PM Friday till 9 AM Monday, so you are out of luck for 'official' help on every weekend, even for Premium users like myself. So I came looking in the forums to see if anyone else had found a fix, and your were kind and helpful enough to respond. I appreciate that very much. This is the first time I have had a serious problem with Evernote, and I am not impressed with their desire to be reachable in case of problems. I may be wrong, but I think the website only offers support from 9 till 5 M-F. I would pay extra to have someone help online or on a phone, but they have no option for that. Thanks again for your your replies.
  3. Great & you're welcome! I use FastEver (notes) & FastEver Snap (photos) to quickly feed info into EN. On my iPad, I use Clever - it's a LOT faster for retrieving info (IME) than the EN app. However, Clever is not without its faults. I try to not edit with Clever b/c it quite often muffs up the formatting to the point where the note is not legible. I don't use it on my iPhone only b/c my iPhone is not updated to the latest OS b/c it's jailbroken b/c I need the MiWI app. And I've not taken the time to find out if the latest OS is JB & if so, how to do it. Seems like every time I get the time & motivation to upgrade, then the latest OS is either not yet JB or is a tethered JB. For check lists, there's Egretlist. I used to use that a lot but haven't recently. Well, looks like we celebrated too soon. After working flawlessly anytime I used it yesterday, the first time I went to look up something on Evernote on my iPhone today - and it's back to the frozen green screen that hangs and then crashes. Extremely frustrating, as apparently this was not a one time problem, rather it is some sort of recurring issue. I simply don't have the time to do a daily app/data delete, reboot, re-download from App store and re-install fresh Evernote app (all while tethered to the computer) and then wait the hour of so for all the data to reload on my iPhone. If you hear of any other workarounds or solutions, I would really appreciate it if you would post them here so I will get an email about it. I really like Evernote, but it has to work, not become a time sink. Thanks again for your help yesterday - I really thought the problem was gone.
  4. It's porbably not the most critical step. But it's certainly part of the process. It's also part of the process outlined directly from EN as evidenced by this post from Phil Dean: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/20863-ios5-and-evernote-crashes/?p=105685 It's in another thread on iOS crashing...found by searching the message board. Thanks for the link to the Phil Dean post. I followed that recommendation, and although Evernote on my iPhone is still restoring the notes, it hasn't frozen again yet, and I can leave it and go back to it without a problem so far. I have used FastEver to quickly input notes into Evernote. Do you have any favorite apps that work with Evernote? It is a great app, and I plan to use it even more, but boy is it frustrating when it becomes a brick. Thanks again!
  5. Hello Sparrow - I just joined your group! I'm getting almost exactly the same crash. I have deleted the app and data 3 times, and reinstalled 4 times, and still get the same not-working app. On iPhone5 with latest system software. Have you figured out any solution? Thanks in advance.
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