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  1. I think Markdown is the very best to write quickliy. Evernote has a concept, where Markdown fits perfectly. Just a few weeks ago I did not know about Evernote, and now, I can't think of a morning, I won't take a look on my phone first. A few (useful) futures would be great: As said before: - Markdown Write write write.. Don't have to think about clicking on each word you want to have boldface/italic/etc. Don't have to mark every single heading to set it boldface, maybe underlined, greater size, a.s.o. - ToDo-Lists I found a way to use Evernote as my ToDo-List already.. But.. I can explain.. 1. set a notebook called ToDo 2. move this notebook to a stack called Important (to not have 'alphabetical problems' i called it ###__IMPORTANT__###) 3. added a new notebook to this stack called Seperate/Timed ToDos (to not have hundreds of notes in THE todo-notebook) 4. added note to ToDo called ...yeah not very good... ToDo (Here I have one List) 5. splitted this list into Today/Then/Special Date/One Day In The Very Future/Tasks Done When I have a thing to do on a special date: 1. add a note to Seperate/Timed ToDos called e.g. Birthdaypresent for Rob 2. add an entry Birthdaypresent for Rob to my Special Date section in the ToDo-List 3. link the note I made in (1) to the entry I made in (2) ... I think you understand what I mean... And this is (in my opinion) one of the easiest ways to 'construct' a ToDo-List... Gentlemen - Theres a lot to do there - Favorites-Section (like in mac app?) Don't know if I am blind, but I did not found a favorite section neither on Android-App and on Win-App. ...Thin this is enough atm. Hope I wrote this in the right section here in the Forum! Except of a few things, Evernote rocks! Use it for Private notes, for ToDo-List (maah.. in a very complicated way..), for organizing websites for a acapella-musicgroup, a faculty at university, for work, for journeys .... Keep up the good work and implement a little more Cheers! wohfab
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