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  1. Hello there For some time now (couple of months or so), EN keeps crashing on my Android phone (Samsung A7). Rarely can I complete an entire note before the app crashes. I have to save every 5-10 seconds while editing to keep my work. I have the same problem to a lesser extent on my Android tablet (Galaxy Tab 4 10+). Does anybody have any kind of input here? I use EN a lot, and this is starting to be a real problem.
  2. Hello Are there any news on this issue? I have the same problem on both my Android phone and Android tablet.
  3. Exporting and importing sounded like a BRILLIANT idea, I was sure it was going to work. Unfortunately it didn't. Now I've submitted a support inquiry, following your last piece of advice. Hang on for a report when I hear from the Evernote Team!
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply! I've moved the notes to a synced notebook, the move went without problems, but when syncing is done (takes a couiple of minutes) they are again moved to a notebook called "Unsynced notes". The size of the ENEX file is 700 KB. I'm a premium user with 10 GB uploads left this month. Now, when I tried, on of the 1548 notes got synced and remains in the synced notebook. That may be a note that I created in Evernote before exporting the notebook to see how it was structured. Anything else you guys can think of? Maybe I'll have to create 1548 notes in Evernote, export them and replace their text content...
  5. I've created 1500 notes outside of Evernote - old stuff that I had kept in a Word document. I used the structure from an exported notebook and after a number of trials the import went through. However, when I try to synchronise to make these new notes available on all devices, they get moved to a folder namned "Unsynced notes". Something prevents them from being synced. Any ideas what I need to do to get them "into the system"?
  6. Hi! After updating to 5.2.2 my notes get one of the following titles (my translations) : - unnamed note - note @ myplace In previous versions, the beginning of the note text was used as title. Surely this is how it's supposed to be? I hope it can be fixed quickly! Cheers, Lars Stockholm
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