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  1. I did a logoff an logon from my windows session and the notes where there
  2. Same problem... Entered note on iPad, synced, note showing on webfrontend, syncing on Win 7, activity log said that note synced successful but not showing in Evernote client. Logged off then on again and everything was there....
  3. Because sync'd notebooks are not "scattered on the web". I've got a reply from support. The problem should be solved with version 5.0.1. Since the update it seems to look good... Thanks to the support and DLU!
  4. Just to keep you up to date: - Nothing heard from support - Another local notebook has moved to an online one today morning Meanwhile I've updated to (Public)
  5. Support-Ticket #140211 Attached some screenshots which shows the creation of the new local notebook "ToDos". Today morning it's shown as an online-notebook and the data got synchronised. OS: Windows 7 Professional, SP1 Evernote: (261559) Prerelease
  6. Have you raised a support ticket? Not yet, since I'm not able to document it for the moment.
  7. I'm having the same problem as reckoning. Local notebooks are changing from one day to the other to online and then their notes get synced. Today it happend at least the 5th time. I've done some screenshots for documentation of the notebook status the have a before-picture when it's self-changing again.... Philipp
  8. Hi, I have experienced the same problems since I use Evernote on Win XP or Win 7 with both Office 2003 and Office 2010. Now, in a new company (Win 7, Office 2003), it happens that also some other characters appear in addition. Most of the time it's the degree-sign "°"....but this happens without regularity and the reason why could be the beta version which i'm currently using.
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