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  1. Not sure if this works on every Mac but here's how I do it (now someone else has shown me how!). 1)There should be a Tags icon on the left hand sidebar. Click on this to bring up a list of tags and the option to create a new tag. 2) At the top of a note, there is a 'click to add new tag. Just click on these words and type the tag name; click return when finished an a new tag is created. Easy (once you know how...).
  2. Brilliant! Exactly what I was hoping for and speedy too. Many thanks.
  3. I have seen examples of Evernote tags being 'nested' which I think must have been done on a PC because when I try to do this on my Mac, it appears to be impossible. Can someone tell me: a) is it possible to nest tags on a Mac; and if it is, how to do it? I am using a MacBook Pro laptop and running Mac 0S X 10.8.4.
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