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  1. You would need to use the archive feature before starting the new Notebook 1. If you don't, it would overwrite existing information. That's why have a series. See the Livescribe website for more info on archiving.

    Note: If the notebook is a different type (e.g. wirebound, hardbound) or a different colour, you can use two of the same number.

    Would it overwrite what's already been uploaded to Evernote?

  2. It doesn't matter which number notebook you use as long as you don't try to use two with the same number at the same time. If you want to use one with a number you've already used, you'll need to archive the first one with that number. You can archive notebooks from the Evernote helper app on your computer.

    Ahhhh, makes sense, thanks.  My workflow will be to upload to Evernote and review/work from there.  I won't review from the pen itself, (audio).  Will it matter to me which numbered notebook that I am using?  Will the allready uploaded notes be overwritten in Evernote if I say, fill up a #1 notebook and then use another #1 notebook?

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