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  1. I suspect that like me many dedicated EN users also use the Pocket or Instapaper service. My workflow is to clip first to Pocket and then use Clearly or the EN webclipper to move articles into Evernote. I think Evernote needs a fullscreen view for starred or filtered articles similar to the announcements display in EN5 for Windows. What do others think?

    Pocket from your Desktop Computer or from mobile device?  or both? I used to use Pocket.  Now I use Firefox and the web clipper add-on for the Desktop.  On my iphone, I'm jailbroken so there's a tweak available that allows me to send the LINK of any website directly into my default EN folder.  It's nice to be able to eliminate the extra step with Pocket.

  2. Okay, its true.  I'm beginning to find Evernote indispensable.  Thanks for a great product!


    But... (always a "but") I have to get something off my chest (I'm feeling a little cheeky after discovering that the support ticket page only accepts 500 characters, so please bear with me.  I *do* like the product.  See, look:  SMILIES!  :) :) :) ).


    I just installed version 5.0 on a new system and I HATE IT!  (version 5, not Evernote)


    My Windows laptop runs version 4.6.7 and there is a bar in the app with the note title and a folder selection pulldown. 


    But there is also a tiny little Carat right on the very right edge.  That little Carat is my friend. 


    Do you know what the Carat does? 


    It lets me get rid of all the useless clutter that I have no need of.

    I click it once, and a bar appears over my note window with the useless url and useless add tag button.

    I click again and I get an even BIGGER bar with tons of "stuff" (this might be a family forum) in it that I am not interested in, or already appears in the document list, like dates and location and who knows what other "stuff".

    But here's the cool part.  I click it a THIRD time...  and all the useless "stuff" goes away.  My window is clean, uncluttered and fully functional.

    I REALLY LOVED that little Carat.  I WANT IT BACK!

    But do you know what I want back even more? 


    The HUGE amount of my window that is completely unmovable and unresizable sitting RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my Evernote window between the document list, and the note window, which are the ONLY two things I want there at all. 


    Ever.  (Note-ed?)

    Simplicity.  I read articles on the internet ALL THE TIME how there are folks that take one look at Evernote and feel its "too complicated". 


    I agree.  What has enabled me to use it is that I've been able to weed out all the stuff I don't need, like the folder list in the left panel.  There are TWO folder selection drop downs (three if I don't click my carat enough times) that let me choose folders in the article list and note panel.  WHY would I want to dedicate half of my very tiny laptop screen to a redundant "drop down" list that doesn't roll back up, but just sits there TAKING UP SPACE???


    There are a couple other new space wasters in version 5.0.


    The "Customize toolbar..." feature used to let you customize the great big yawning empty spot to the right of the menu.


    No more.  Now its UNDER the menu, with miles and miles of space to the right of the menu that I will never get back.


    But its no big deal, the customizable toolbar can be customized, right?  I only EVER used two buttons there (synch and new) and I can use the menu instead (since its not going away, like the way it does in Firefox) and get used to living without.  Right?


    Oops!  Wrong.  I can "customize" and remove ALMOST everything from the customizable menu bar.  Everything EXCEPT the search bar.  So NOW, I have ANOTHER huge chunk of real estate, completely lost, that I can't get back.


    And there's something odd with the edit tool strip.  It kind of pops in and out kind of at random.  I DON'T get back any real estate when it goes away though, it just covers up the bottom of the ugly panel that won't go away either.


    Neat.  Simple.  Clean.  Windows suffers TERRIBLY from feature bloat.  There are so many apps out there that you can't even fit all the icons on the screen.  Gah! 


    In fact, if I had a choice, I'd make the 4.6 app EVEN SIMPLER!  I'd love it if the note list and maybe even the menu bar had friendly little Carats. 


    Where have all the Carats gone? (Long time passin')


    Also, 10 seconds after I type in the note title I can live without the title bar.


    And I'd love to have a button that let me open and close the edit strip easily so I could stop looking at it when I don't need it.


    Heck, sometimes I double click on a note and get rid of the Evernote window completely.  But its not very satisfying, since there's alot of stuff on the individual pop-out note Window.  And I'm paranoid, and I like to click "sync" a LOT, and I just have to go back and re-open the main window to do that (Not really.  I can use the menu - or F9 - since I can't get rid of the menu...).


    Anyway, please take this as tongue-in-cheek but also as constructive criticism.  You have a balancing act to perform (I'm a 35 year software developer, so I understand).  Some of your customers can't get enough.  But I have read about how intimidating Evernote *can* be for Window phobes, or just people like me that stare at a screen all day and want to get back as much of my screen real estate as I can.


    But, PLEASE!  Keep up the good work.  Evernote has a permanent place on my desktop, even if I have to upgrade.


    Hmmm.  Have to look in to that.  Can I downgrade to version 4.6?

    Awesome reply, lol and welcome to the EN forums!

  3. Hi guys not sure if any one can help when go to live-scribe Connect and ask to sync it takes me to web page and as Premium user ask for activate code I have looked everywhere to find this code and do not know what they are talking is about .Is there a way I can Live-scribe to sync what is on my pen and notebook to Evernote without the codes or can someone please tell where I can find the codes as this is very frustrating having to use one or the other at this time.The connnectors say ever-note connected. I am not sure what I doing wrong if any can help thanks in advance


    Moontalkerau :unsure:

    Try following this activation guide:  https://support.livescribe.com/entries/21688890-20651-WIFI-Livescribe-wifi-smartpen-activation-using-Livescribe-Helper-application


    Good luck!

  4. IMHO Evernote 5 is a good update but one dropped feature I do miss. Now there are no icons leftside to notebooks names that show it's type (local, shared, ...). But I've noticed that there are settings in the Windows registry to make the names to have different colors depending on a notebook type. I've wrote a program to set the colors (and a few other tweaks).


    If you interested download EverRegHack from my blog (link at the end of the post). 


    Before using the program quit from Evernote. Evernote writes all settingns to the registry on exit and will rewrite all changes made by EverRegHack with old values.

    Is your Blog written in Russian?


    Thanks for your suggestion but I believe Carbonite will have the same issue that I'm having now with Dropbox. It won't backup EN when it's running open or in the background.


    I have not seen that problem. I've had both Carbonite and Evernote Windows for 3 years. They work together nicely.


    EDIT: Carbonite goes to sleep when I am typing on the keyboard.


    Have you tried backing up the EN Database with Carbonite?


    Thanks for your suggestion but I believe Carbonite will have the same issue that I'm having now with Dropbox. It won't backup EN when it's running open or in the background.

    I have NOT tried this, but I believe it will work. Sugarsync (a backup service) can be pointed to any folder (or folders) on your drive. In my experience using other programs while open, it had no problem backing them up. I would give that a try (inexpensive and easy to use).


    DropBox won't backup while EN is running, (either full screen or just the cute little elephant running in the taskbar),  and I've had SugarSync do the same thing in the past when trying to backup Quickbooks while it was running.  I haven't actually tried SugarSync with EN since I don't use that service any longer.  Thanks Grumpy.


    Thanks for all of your replies but you're missing my request; "Automated Cloud based backup of my EN database". Thanks again. :)

    The point you're missing is that you're either going to have to schedule the backup when the EN DB is not in use or find a service that will backup open files. I know there are some (I don't recall which ones) but most do not, for the reason I mentioned above.


    LOL, I'm not missing anything....that's just not what I'm looking for nor what I asked for.  Thanks.


    Thanks for your reply but that won't help me with a DropBox automated backup.

    I'm not sure what you're looking for then.  It's telling you it can't back up the file b/c it's open.  There's really not much more to discuss...  (shrug)


    ?  Just looking for less expensive Cloud Based alternative to CloudHQ.  CloudHQ will do exactly what I'm looking for but with an associated cost of $10/month.


    I considered Cloudq but it's kind of pricey.  I'm looking to automatically backup my EN Database locally or to a Cloud Solution; preferably DropBox since I already use it.  When I tried configuring DropBox to backup my EN Database, I get an error, "The action cannot be completed because the file is open in Evernote. Close the file and try again."    Any advice?



    Many backup/copy options won't work when the file is open. This is to prevent creating a "backup" that is corrupt.  (IE if the file is currently being modified by the app that has it open.) If you fully exit EN (no elephants in the system task bar), you should be able to copy/back it up.


    Thanks for your reply but that won't help me with a DropBox automated backup.

  10. OK - you select a tag, and even though you're in a notebook, it goes to the "All notes" page.  OK, then I go to the All notes drop down to pick a particular notebook, and it clears the tag.  Why would this work this way?  And then you can't just to a multiselect for multiple tags in a particular notebook.  This is very clunky. 


    Clearly no one at the EN team has used it for GTD / TSW...   :)


    I absolutely hate this flat colorless look that everything is going to - Office 2013, Gmail, a bunch of others... and no way to customize it.  You get your pick of grey or white (if you get to pick anything).  HATE IT!!!


    I don't mind the "announcements" section, but it would be nice to have an option instead of either having it there or not, having it show up only when there are unread items.


    Overall it's not horrible, but I need multi-select tags back, and I need an easy way to just pick a particular notebook and then find tags for notes in that notebook.  So far unfortunately I don't see any reason to move to EN5.  Clicking on the "Tags" or "Notebooks" piece is completely useless, but maybe someone likes it.  And the shortcuts area is not important to me - seems very limiting.  I'd rather be able to star my notes and find them.  Reminders might be the one real add over EN4.  But otherwise I honestly don't see the benefit of the new version.  It is quicker, but it seems like that must have more to do with the back end, which could have changed without the UI changing so much.


    Anyway, those are my two cents.  

    "I absolutely hate this flat colorless look that everything is going to - Office 2013, Gmail, a bunch of others... and no way to customize it.  You get your pick of grey or white (if you get to pick anything).  HATE IT!!!"

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