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  1. Pocket from your Desktop Computer or from mobile device? or both? I used to use Pocket. Now I use Firefox and the web clipper add-on for the Desktop. On my iphone, I'm jailbroken so there's a tweak available that allows me to send the LINK of any website directly into my default EN folder. It's nice to be able to eliminate the extra step with Pocket.
  2. Awesome reply, lol and welcome to the EN forums!
  3. If the suggestions above don't work, which version of Outlook are you using? Which version of Evernote? Perhaps customize toolbar in Outlook? Just a guess.
  4. Try following this activation guide: https://support.livescribe.com/entries/21688890-20651-WIFI-Livescribe-wifi-smartpen-activation-using-Livescribe-Helper-application Good luck!
  5. I have not seen that problem. I've had both Carbonite and Evernote Windows for 3 years. They work together nicely. EDIT: Carbonite goes to sleep when I am typing on the keyboard. Have you tried backing up the EN Database with Carbonite?
  6. I have NOT tried this, but I believe it will work. Sugarsync (a backup service) can be pointed to any folder (or folders) on your drive. In my experience using other programs while open, it had no problem backing them up. I would give that a try (inexpensive and easy to use). DropBox won't backup while EN is running, (either full screen or just the cute little elephant running in the taskbar), and I've had SugarSync do the same thing in the past when trying to backup Quickbooks while it was running. I haven't actually tried SugarSync with EN since I don't use that service any longer. Thanks Grumpy.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion but I believe Carbonite will have the same issue that I'm having now with Dropbox. It won't backup EN when it's running open or in the background.
  8. Right, I realize that thanks. Not what I'm looking for.
  9. The point you're missing is that you're either going to have to schedule the backup when the EN DB is not in use or find a service that will backup open files. I know there are some (I don't recall which ones) but most do not, for the reason I mentioned above. LOL, I'm not missing anything....that's just not what I'm looking for nor what I asked for. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all of your replies but you're missing my request; "Automated Cloud based backup of my EN database". Thanks again.
  11. I'm not sure what you're looking for then. It's telling you it can't back up the file b/c it's open. There's really not much more to discuss... (shrug) ? Just looking for less expensive Cloud Based alternative to CloudHQ. CloudHQ will do exactly what I'm looking for but with an associated cost of $10/month.
  12. Many backup/copy options won't work when the file is open. This is to prevent creating a "backup" that is corrupt. (IE if the file is currently being modified by the app that has it open.) If you fully exit EN (no elephants in the system task bar), you should be able to copy/back it up. Thanks for your reply but that won't help me with a DropBox automated backup.
  13. I considered Cloudq but it's kind of pricey. I'm looking to automatically backup my EN Database locally or to a Cloud Solution; preferably DropBox since I already use it. When I tried configuring DropBox to backup my EN Database, I get an error, "The action cannot be completed because the file is open in Evernote. Close the file and try again." Any advice? https://www.cloudhq.net/dropbox
  14. "I absolutely hate this flat colorless look that everything is going to - Office 2013, Gmail, a bunch of others... and no way to customize it. You get your pick of grey or white (if you get to pick anything). HATE IT!!!"
  15. Why on earth did EN "F" with a winning formula? I fell in love with EN4 last month. EN5 is unusable as-is for me. Very disappointing and frustrating. very.
  16. I too prefer the look, feel and design of v4 over v5. The bland. muted colors provide no apparent benefit.
  17. Nothing makes everyone happy. That's why there is chocolate & vanilla. I don't like chocolate, lol
  18. Again, this confounds me. Having the bar right above the results OBSCURES them. As soon as I click into the search field if drops 3/4 of the way down my 1600x900 display. And doesn't get much shorter as I type and it matches possible search queries. I wouldn't see any of my results if it wasn't next to rather than on top of the note list. Remember that you don't just click a search and it goes away. As you type, both the contents of the drop down refine, as well as the resulting note list. Remember that the drop-down behavior is new to V5, and something that I'm not wholly convinced is useful all the time. I can see where it's useful sometimes, but other times I don't want/need it. Again, though, my main problem with the new location is that while I'm typing over *here*, the list that it modified is over *there*, and that's a disconnect in the UI, and a focus problem. I have to believe that there's a better solution. I didn't connect these 2 earlier but that's probably one reason they moved it. I can see the benefits of the recent searches showing up but it would present a problem if the search moved back to its v4 position. Short answer have an option to have the old search bar come back right over the notes without recent history. I know developers hate that sort of stuff but I find the v5 search location much less functional as a power user. YES! +1
  19. F6 is a great tip, thx - BUT - it's just another example of adding keyboard strokes or mouse clicks on to V5 when it wasn't necessary in V4. It was a simple mouse "up". Less = more. It's a step backwards for me. A simple mouse up from where? From the vertical Note list. I find my mouse working in that area the majority of the time.
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