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  1. I bought the Adonit pen and tried with penultimate and other inking apps. Although the look and feel if the Adonit is the best I've tried to date, it was just too laggy for me. Penultimate is unusable for me. I had been using Notes + and Notability. Back to the trusty Livescribe Wifi.

  2. Let's keep the ad hominem attacks out of the forums. This thread was split off from another one and begins with the complaint that "EN5 is just plain god awful, unusable." Expanding on this thought would be the most constructive way to continue this thread, in my opinion. If it continues with the personal attacks then it will get closed.

    OK. What's wrong with EN5? Is it just the search problem with intitle:, or is there something more?

    Thank you.

  3. @RobD: it's a term that describes my opinion of the content of the first two answering posts. Name-calling would be if I had called you "a whiner", which I did not. If you want to be demonstrate how to be more mature and more constructive, then it would be a good idea to actually try to address the original poster's issue, rather than offer only unfocused and unspecific complaints, which I would characterize as, yes, whining.

    Take a deep breath and act your age please.

  4. Hmmm, I'm guessing that the original poster didn't ask the question to hear people whining about Evernote 5 without trying to address the question (or even with any specific complaints about EN 5).


    Anyways, back on topic:

    When I type, for example, the title of some article that was captured by Web Clipper on the online Evernote platform search bar, the results are clear and coherent. But when I do the same in Evernote Desktop, they just don't show up unless I repeat the search by putting those exact words in quotation marks. Is there any configuration that I'm missing?



    I'm not quite understanding the issue. Are you saying that the web client search operates differently than the desktop client does in terms of title search on the same note? Are you using the "intitle:" search term? A more specific example might help. 


    OK, so I tried a simple test using the "intitle:" search term. What's weird is that I don't see intitle: working on the web client at all (on the Chrome browser, not sure that that makes a difference). I do see intitle: working on the desktop client, with the following caveat: you need to either do an exact match on a word in the title (upper/lower case doesn't matter), or use a '*' wildcard at the end of the intitle: text. I didn't need to quote the arguments. For example: I was looking for an article that had the word "Improve" in its title.


    On the web client, I couldn't get a match using any configuration, e.g., intitle:Improveintitle:"Improve", or intitle:Impr*


    On the desktop, intitle:Improve worked, so did intitle:"Improve", and so did or intitle:Impr*


    Not sure what the problem is, or if my test matches your situation.

    LMAO....."Whining".......resorting to name calling now are we?  How mature!  Keep it up.

  5. Hi Rob,

    The setting for this is saved in the registry, and Evernote saves this when it completely exits.

    Sometimes, this doesn't get saved, for reasons I am not entirely familiar with. Perhaps on shutdown EN doesn't quite get enough time to save ad close before it is closed.

    Anyway, there is a way to force it to save.

    Set your toolbar customisations, and then Exit Evernote manually, via File -> Exit

    When you open Evernote again, it should have kept the customisations that you have set.


    Thanks for your reply and suggestion.  Upon File - Exit, should I also close the taskbar EN icon?  Or is that not relavent?

  6. Hey Evernote Community,


    I am looking to go Paperless in the immediate future, and was wondering which portable scanner works best with Evernote. I have done some of my own research and keep being brought back to two options:

    1. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100
    2. Doxie Go

    If you have a different suggestion, please explain why you choose that specific model and if possible, provide a link. I appreciate everybody's feedback


    - James R.

    How much scanning are you planning on doing?  Do you have an iphone or android device?  Have you ever considered using an app such as Genius Scan? http://www.thegrizzlylabs.com/genius-scan/

  7. Looking at the iOS rating for EN7 which is currently 2.5 on the App Store, the plethora of complaints and functional inadequacies of EN7, I'd like to ask why this was ever released when it's clear that it was far from ready? This has seriously shaken my confidence in EN in what has been a solid app ever since I can remember. I use EN every day ALOT and if it wasn't for having a mac air and having had the presence of mind to retain v5 on iOS, I'd be facing the horrific prospect of frustrating workflows.

    I'm wondering what went wrong with EN's quality control pre-release and asking if this is a one-off or the way of things to come? I need robust reliable tools. Not software that leaves me nervous when an update is released.

    Admittedly, this is not only EN. Apple must take the brunt of this fiasco with iOS 7, which also seems to have lacked quality control.

    Is there any assurance from EN that this won't happen again? (When it's fixed! Still looking for an update)

    How about the Windows Desktop version of EN5 being buggy?  Ugh...........unusable for me.

  8. OMG, thank you a thousand times for this!! I've tried this many times, never succeeded and with these instructions of yours it now works like a charm!! I do a lot of researches for my travelings with my iPad & saving my travel plans to Evernote and not having the web clipper in use has been a pain in the ass. Not anynore! Thank you again!

    sorry but who are you thanking?

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