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  1. Thanks Jeff, although it seems to output in a completely random order!
  2. Is there any way to print out a list of your notebooks, arranged by stack? I just want a handy one page reference, so that I can look at it when I'm using the @notebook field in email subject lines. A
  3. Hi, hoping someone can help me. I'm new to using Evernote, and trying to test out what I can, and can't do with it. I'm using IFTTT, and trying to set up a 'workflow' for a particular type of receipt that gets emailed to me, into my Expensify folder in Evernote. What I've set up is - Supplier automatically emails receipt to my Gmail account IFTTT recipe to copy emails with that subject line into an Evernote folder Expensify then picks it up from there It all seems to be working, except from the fact that the body of the email isnt coming across. The header is correct, and I can insert fields into the body of the note from the recipe no problem, but the email body itself doesnt come across. The recipe I'm using is Gmail Search for "Receipt subject" Create a note Title Receipt {{ReceivedAt}} Body {{BodyPlain}} Notebook Expensify Tags IFTTT,Expenses,Expensify,Uber Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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