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  1. EN v 5.3.0 Mac os 10.8.5 Mt Lion For a while, a couple years ago, EN went though a period of bug-infested releases (and fixes upon fixes) that gave me fits. Then, the storm clouds parted and EN has worked flawlessly. I have experienced no issues at all and this led me down the primrose path of letting EN go out of date: because EN 5.3 still works like a champ I am afraid to upgrade it. The grim reaper is my Safari browser which is increasingly unable to open items on the web but I did not want to upgrade Safari because that requires upgrading to the current macOS which would require me to upgrade the current EN to run on the current macOS. Well, the time has come to face the music. Here is what I plan to do. Please help by suggesting a different workflow. Thanks. 1. Sync EN 2. Backup EN data on my hard drive. 3. Do a clean uninstall of EN 4. Upgrade from Mt Lion to High Sierra 5. From the Apple Store, download EN 7.2 6. Log into my EN account and sync (my thousands of notes will take a while) 7. Live happily ever after. Will my current tags, notebooks, fonts, paragraph formatting all remain as is, or do I need to do something (in addition to prayer) to make sure that none of that changes in the new EN version? thanks again
  2. Here is a reply that I received on https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6883660and a screen shot of it is attached
  3. fyi EN help chat just told me that the backup in my mac is a mirror of my EN app and that it will simply get put back into the iPad as part of the restore operation. But, having followed these forums for a while, I am so profoundly paranoid about having to upgrade to the current app version that I'd really like to hear some confirmation from you folks. Thanks again. (Q2 above has been answered)
  4. My iPad is stuck in a loop of sign in to iTunes popup. A hard restart does not fix this. As far as I know my only option is to do a RESET after backing up my ipad to the mac, which I know how to do. After reset I will have the mac fetch everything from iTunes , including EN. 1. Will my ipad get the EN app version that I currently have, which is 5.7 or thereabouts? 2. Will my ipad get my EN data or will I need to get that from my EN cloud account? thanks
  5. You are not alone. I've posted this question a couple times, but EN has chosen not to respond. I have reluctantly decided to ignore this issue because EN seems to have made the decision to let the tags function wither on the vine. Why? Who knows? Maybe they are targeting teens who enjoy like-so-totaly-awesome-colors rather than adults who have actual work to do on EN. Anyway, my tag view remains unreadable green on gray and the iPad version, while totally legible, remains useless because it is squeezed into a narrow left panel. I agree with you regarding the undisclosed changes that a user might not want, but receives unknowingly in an upgrade. In the US recently there is an ongoing political controversy because Congress passed a new law before being permitted to read what was in it. The slogan was that "you've got to pass the law in order to find out what it says". EN operates the same way: "you've got to get the upgrade in order to find out why you don't want it". For the past year or so, I have declined upgrades. It is just not worth the risk.
  6. I nested some tags on my Mac, then synced with my iPad EN 7.3.1. The nesting does not show up on the iPad. I see the notes in question but they are un-nested, despite remaining nested on the Mac. Is there a way to see on the iPad the tags as nested? thanks
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