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  1. at home or at the office there is a laptop, computer or tablet that is much more fun to work with than the mobile phone. evernote is all about flexibility and interoperability, so you often switch devices. back on the phone you'd have to wait for evernote to load, change to menu, then tap on syncronize. or you just tap on the widget-button. that's like 70% less time needed.
  2. Hello Evernote-Team, there is one thing that could make evernote faster to use: the option for a sync button on the android widget. Quite often I just start it up while leaving the house/workplace just to initiate a manual sync. syncing over wifi is much more convenient especially with larger files, and it does not touch the mobile data plan. An optional single button in the top bar of the list view would be so much easier to use! thank you for the great work, our life would be different without evernote - Bene
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