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  1. Ah ah, just arrived at work and indeed, my saved search does not work on windows 8 client. Nevermind, will be waiting patiently. Thanks for the tips guys. Pierre
  2. Thank you so much for the answer. I had tried that at work before posting on evernote for windows 8 and it didn't work. I just tried again at home on evernote for mac and it does work. I'll try again tomorrow, see if i didn't do a typo earlier and let you know. Again, thank you. Pierre
  3. Hello, I have a saved search and I would like to perform the same search but without the notes which have a reminder. I have been trying for quite some time with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My search is currently this : notebook:"Actice tasks" tag:@Pro -tag:".3 Soon" -tag:".4 Later" -tag:".5 One day" -tag:".6 This exact day" Best regards Pierre
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