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  1. It's absurd to have to jump through such hoops to get access to one's own data. Rule of thumb: if a company is so insecure about its product offerings that it feels compelled to limit data migration options, perhaps this is not a company you want to entrust with your data.
  2. More importantly, prospective Evernote customers should be aware that Evernote does not provide a reasonable method to export one's notes. The only two options are a proprietary format that other apps cannot read, or exporting all of your notes into individual html files. This is in contrast to, for example, Instapaper, which can save your entire library into a single html file that can then be easily imported into other products like Pocket. (Of course, since Pinterest has now bought Instapaper, it's probably only a matter of time before this feature is removed, hence my switch to Pocket.) So, in other words, Evernote is intentionally making it difficult for you to take your data with you should you decide you want to switch to a better app later on. Pretty scummy if you ask me, and just the latest reminder of why I stopped using this product.
  3. The Safari web clipper routinely forgets my login and forces me to re-enter my username and password. This is extremely annoying and unnecessary. How do I prevent it from asking for login repeatedly?
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