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  1. @Arch - What do you mean by ". . . is on the share list. . " I looked at the Calengoo site and can't figure out how it integrates with EN. I'm looking for a way to create notes in EN and then have them populate on my gCal. I know about the Zappier, Cloudwork, etc options but looking still. @minko - I'm wanting a solution that doesn't require me to limit my notes locations to a specific notebook.
  2. Would like to see the ability to sort by "Date Due." Both on Web & IOS If there is a way I'm teachable and if this is already a thread somewhere I'm ok with being moved . . . . thanks!
  3. I'm searching for the best way to sync notes with gCal. Anybody have any other apps or ways you do that?
  4. Ugg. . . hate to hear that. It's working for me. (Chrome Latest Ver)
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