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  1. Please utilize the space at top right of home page in iPhone app and put global search there so I don't have to click into "Notes" to search.
  2. @Dan with WORKetc Really like the look and functions of your product. Just a little pricey for a small team of 3-5.
  3. @Arch - What do you mean by ". . . is on the share list. . " I looked at the Calengoo site and can't figure out how it integrates with EN. I'm looking for a way to create notes in EN and then have them populate on my gCal. I know about the Zappier, Cloudwork, etc options but looking still. @minko - I'm wanting a solution that doesn't require me to limit my notes locations to a specific notebook.
  4. Uggg. I created two to many columns! HA! I'm sure I'm missing something on how to delete a COLUMN. I can't delete a column by right clicking and using context menu?? I'm on win 7 with chrome. Got it! I see now, it works on the desktop app but not web app.
  5. Would like to see the ability to sort by "Date Due." Both on Web & IOS If there is a way I'm teachable and if this is already a thread somewhere I'm ok with being moved . . . . thanks!
  6. I'm searching for the best way to sync notes with gCal. Anybody have any other apps or ways you do that?
  7. Ugg. . . hate to hear that. It's working for me. (Chrome Latest Ver)
  8. I'm on win7 and have the same issue of shortcuts reappearing even after having removed them. Any answers? I don't ever recall adding them. This occurs even if I'm using the web app and not the windows app. I use Chrome. I have a tab open to evernote and make notes, delete the recurring shortcuts and if I close the tab and then come back later the shortcuts have reappeared. I deleted the notes that kept reverting to shortcuts and that stopped my issue.
  9. I'm looking at this: http://taskclone.com/ to see how it might bridge the gap. Opinions?
  10. @BurgersNFries - Thanks! So when I add a user account does that mean I am "creating" an additional user account or I'm "adding" an account that has already been created?
  11. @walmartman - Thanks! So, now I'm trying to understand the benefits of adding a separate/second user if that user has no separate login and can't have a separate space that isn't visible by other user accounts I create, what's the purpose?
  12. I have a premium account. Run Win 7 I've been contemplating adding users to manage content for clients. However, wondering? 1) Does the added user have their own username or still under the one original Evernote account username? 2) Does adding a user give that user a separate login Evernote view such that they cannot view the content of the originating account? 3) And backwards, can the originating account view uploaded content of the sub user? 4) Does uploaded content of the added user feed off the originating users account upload limits. @walmartman - is your issue fixed yet? @JimE - Have you found the "Remember Me" button yet? Thanks!
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