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  1. My evernote also hangs-up/crashes multiple times a day. Did you ever get your problem resolved?
  2. Hi Gavin, Thanks for your reply. Neither the avatar nor the Postach.io icon do anything....no menus at all. Thus, my confusion. * Javascript value is set to TRUE. I guess that means it is ON. There is apparently no setting anymore... I'm running Firefox 38.0. I also tried Chrome (works FINE) and IE10 (works fine)...but not in Firefox. Any ideas?
  3. Hi Gavin or Brandon or Shawn, 1) How do I log out of my postach.io pages? 2) I'm a recent paying customer (monthly) trying to decide whether to commit to a longer term with Postach.io. I have a couple of simple pages. I think I used to see a popup on the site to ask questions....get help. I don't see it anymore. Now I can find NO WAY of contacting anyone for help, and it has frustrated me greatly. If I am paying $9.00 per month, I think I should get more help than a FAQ and some published questions. I finally found this on the evernote/postach.io forum. I found some work-arounds for what I needed to do already, so I don't have a question regarding making the pages work. I do need to know how to log out, though. I needed to see what it will look like for other people prior to adding password, and I couldn't log out! Am I missing something online that would direct me to a developer to get help? Thank you, JaMee
  4. When I do a search using multiple words (all existing in the the note I want), I am often overwhelmed by the vast number of notes found that only have one of the words in my search. I have to wade thru notes that barely come close to my full request. I wish there was a way to say, "I ONLY want to see notes that have all of the words in my search". Then, I'd like the option of seeing notes that do not 100% meet my search request. If there is a way to do this, I'd love to know, please. Thank you! J.
  5. I agree with the previous writer that it is too "flat". I miss some color and differentiation between the sections. I don't like to have to work so hard to see the different sections. (Sounds whiney...sorry). It used to be really easy to find the edges to the sections to change size. The colors are too similar...too much gray, too. LOVE LOVE LOVE what Evernote does. It is my number one FAVORITE program/app of all times, and I couldn't live without it. Just don't make me work so hard. : )
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