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  1. Hi Gavin, Thanks for your reply. Neither the avatar nor the Postach.io icon do anything....no menus at all. Thus, my confusion. * Javascript value is set to TRUE. I guess that means it is ON. There is apparently no setting anymore... I'm running Firefox 38.0. I also tried Chrome (works FINE) and IE10 (works fine)...but not in Firefox. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Gavin or Brandon or Shawn, 1) How do I log out of my postach.io pages? 2) I'm a recent paying customer (monthly) trying to decide whether to commit to a longer term with Postach.io. I have a couple of simple pages. I think I used to see a popup on the site to ask questions....get help. I don't see it anymore. Now I can find NO WAY of contacting anyone for help, and it has frustrated me greatly. If I am paying $9.00 per month, I think I should get more help than a FAQ and some published questions. I finally found this on the evernote/postach.io forum. I found some work-arounds for what I needed to do already, so I don't have a question regarding making the pages work. I do need to know how to log out, though. I needed to see what it will look like for other people prior to adding password, and I couldn't log out! Am I missing something online that would direct me to a developer to get help? Thank you, JaMee
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