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    I just want to be able to click a button for double spacing on evernote just like any other word processor.


    But Evernote is not a word processing program. Or even, except in a fairly rudimentary sense, a text editing program. While Evernote has indicated that there may be improvements someday in the text editing functions, right now, you're perhaps be less frustrated typing in a program designed to do what you want. 


    Best of luck. 


    This is the massive problem with Evernote. The staff simply don't listen. It is no good saying what Evernote is NOT. Why not listen to what people want and need it to be? I am a writer and we NEED LINE SPACING if we are to work with Evernote. We need to choose between single, one and a half spacing and double, when we want and for it to stay that way from app to app. Anything else is just rubbish. To say it is not a word processor is insulting and amateur. What do you think Evernote is? A toy, clearly. Evernote is only getting away this because there is no competition out there who does a better job of the word processor. Once someone does watch Evernote collapse. Why can Evernote not sort out the formatting issue which is rubbish from one app to the next and why do you not make it a professional word processor and then novelists and other writers will use it? At the moment it a shabby piece of equipment too keen on networking and sharing. You forget not everyone wants to share!! We just want an app and a program fit for purpose not a multi tasking tool with the first, most basic task, that of INPUT not working properly. Please listen to your forums and not just tell us to go and find another program. Or we just will.

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