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  1. Feature request: Ability to set work chat share permissions to something other than "can edit and invite..." by default. Remember last settings per shared person contact.
  2. Evernote: any update to this issue? Would be nice feature to have shortened URL automatically generated by Evernote when sharing.
  3. I notice this issue after doing update today, I'm using clipper with Chome browser, but issue appears the same. Open note not created with clipper in Evernote and it's ok, but simply open and then try to close note created with clipper and Evernote crashes
  4. I did the Windows client upgrade today (now at v5.0.1.1174), but experiencing problem where Evernote crashes whenever I attempt to update note. Deleted and re-sync'd the evernote folder, but problem is persisting.
  5. Hi, I've used Evernote for some time and really like it. I ran into a problem with the Web Clipper not working as it should on new pc (windows8, Chrome Browser). I tried to un-install the extension in chrome, but for some reason chrome is thinking the extension is still installed locally (so I cannot re-install). Reviewed the "extensions" folder for chrome, but didn't find the web clipper listed, also reviewed the Evernote forums, but didn't find match to my issue, so figured new post was the way to go. Wondering what the next step is to manually re-install the extension. Thanks for your help.
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