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  1. I'm digitising a load of notes at the moment on my iPad and iPhone using the excellent page camera, but am slowed down considerably by having to activate the page camera each time I take a photo. Is there a way to set this to 'on' as a default, rather than 'off' as at present? If not, please could I request this as a feature. Most of my capturing uses page camera, so easier to turn it off when not needed really. Hope someone can help Thanks
  2. I'm slowly digitising all my notebooks by using page camera (iPad/iPhone>Mac), which is great and working very well. I've got a load of old notes though which I captured by simply photographing them before the page camera existed. Is there a way to convert these to the page scans without redoing them all (including tags etc...)? I find the page camera versions much easier to read on screen. Hope someone can help! Thanks.
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