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  1. I've used Evernote for a couple of years to sync my notes / lists between my Android devices and Windows desktops. I used my Samsung Note 8 to take notes using the SPen and then export them to Evernote (via LectureNotes). I also make lots of To-Do lists in Evernote. All of this works great but I'm hoping to extend it to my new Windows laptop. In particular I'm trying to find the best Windows 10 app for note taking with a active digitizer pen (Lenovo Yoga 260) which either syncs or exports cleanly to Evernote. I've tried a number of options but none are nearly as nice as my Android tablet solution. I realize with a number of the Window 10 apps I can share a note with Evernote Touch. However I prefer to use Evernote Desktop but can't figure out a way to have Evernote Touch sync in the background without opening it. Is this possible? Additionally the Windows pen note taking apps don't play nice with Evernote. Here are the negatives for each: OneNote: when sharing a note with Evernote I only get a broken image, which has been discussed elsewhere. I'm also not that happy with the OneNote interface. Scrble: shares the note name to Evernote as expected. However Scrble has very few options and the primary issue I have with its defaults is the line spacing is way to close together. Squid (Papyrus): has a great interface but when sharing a note it doesn't send the note name (it either exports the note as "ScreenShot" or "Squid" depending on whether you export the image or pages). I don't want to have to rename my note in Evernote after its imported. Bamboo Paper: only allows .pdf export, nothing directly to Evernote. Until Evernote supports pen input in their Windows application (and hopefully abandons the "Touch" version) I'm hoping to find the best application to take notes and export them to Evernote. Please share any recommendations or tips for making this process smoother.
  2. After buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 about a month ago I went searching for a good handwritten note solution. I didn't realize how much I needed Evernote but now that I've found it, any said solution must integrate well with it. S Note is less than ideal since you have to export to a .jpg then move this over to Evernote, name the note, etc. As others have pointed out the S Note sync with Evernote doesn't seem to have much of a point to it, I want to read my notes within Evernote not just store the .snb there. I've found that Lecture Notes works the best. They don't have automatic sync but after you are done with a note you can export that notebook directly to Evernote. The note within Evernote will automatically take the name of the notebook within Lecture Notes and it will be placed in the default Evernote folder - mine is labeled Tablet. I create a new notebook within Lecture Notes every time I want to make a note and send it to Evernote - this part could be smoother but it works. If Papyrus did add a direct export to Evernote I'd be just as interested in their solution as it is a very nice program as well. I'm hoping that when Penultimate makes it to Android it will elegantly integrate with Evernote. For example, if I started a handwritten note under a "Work" folder within Penultimate, having it automatically sync with the same "Work" folder within Evernote after finishing the note would be great. Really all we need is full pen support within Evernote.
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