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  1. Hello, i try to clip the following page (with Firefox and the WebClipper): https://www.stern.de/neon/feierabend/drinks-food/burger--das-sind-die-10-besten-restaurants-in-deutschland-8207774.html But the result is (just really) poor - no matter if i try the different formats: article, article without format, whole page and so on. The important headlines of the article are missing and text is just clipped only half. I tried OneNote and OneNote clipped this site nearly perfect (of course as PDF) [please no discussion which tool is better...]. There evernote again and again not perfect clipped, I post finally: Is there a way, to clip this site nearly with the original format? Has someone a workaround? Or works the clipper better with chrome or edge? Thank you very much Best regards George
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I tried it on several sites. On sites without HTTPS everything works fine. But on sites WITH HTTPS only the tilte of the pdf is saved in evernote. Is this a bug? Or can´t the evernote-clipper save pdfs from HTTPS-sites? Thank you very much Best regards George
  3. Hello, i try to save PDF-documents from the Firefox or Opera Web-Clipper in Windows 10 - but only the title of the PDF-document is saved - not the PDF-document. Is this a bug? Or do i make something wrong? Thank you very much. Best regards George
  4. Hello, great work you´ve done with the new WebClipper in Firefox!! The organization in the folder-structer is absolut mega great!!! One desire i have: At the top on the left side (or on another place:) ) of the WebClipper a link to "MyEvernote"!!! Then the WebClipper is perfect to me. One click to my Evernote from the WebClipper - with no Login-Screen! - Automatically login to my Evernote - with ONE click! That would be really nice:) Make this possible in the options, that i can automatically login (30 days or so....) - if this is a safety aspect. But after all - great work with the folder-structure! For a few days, i thought OneNote is an alternative to Evernote - but with the new WebClipper..... OneNote-Clipper is Years behind after Evernote-WebClipper. Whats must i do to get acces to the Forum "Web Clipper Beta"? I get the message: "You do not have permission to view this forum. In some cases joining this Social Group will give you permission to view this forum." But i want to try yout Beta-Apps. Thank you very much Best regards George
  5. Hello, i need/want this feature too. You said: Coming soon... This was a year ago:) Any new information about this feature when this will be released? Thank you very much Regards George
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