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  1. I apologize for posting this here, but could't figure out how to add anything in the web clipper community. I have the OS on my Mac, and am unable to install the web clipper for Safari. When I download it, and then try to install it, I get a Safari error message: An error occurred while installing the extension “Evernote Web Clipper”. As web clipper is one of the most useful parts of evernote for me, I am eager to know when it will be corrected. Thank you.
  2. jbenson2 - brilliant solution - it just never occurred to me! (It would still be nice to have an option in between local only and not local but not encrypted, but for now, this solves my immediate problem.) Thanks!
  3. I live Evernote's tag line (Remember everything). For me, that includes, for example, confirmations of bill payments. In some cases, those include full account numbers for a credit card, for example. I'd like to be able to encrypt my entire "Finances" notebook. I am already a premium user - it's an important feature, if Evernote means what it says in its tagline.
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