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  1. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here and say that while the new list widget is fine and acts as it should, the fact that it cannot scale sideways is a bit of an annoyance. The last widget was 4x2 and I've been using Evernote long enough that my android page was laid out using that 4x2 layout. To suddenly find the new tablet widget is only 3x2 was an unpleasant surprise. I understand wanting to allow users with less available space to still use the widget but for those of us who have grown accustomed to the 4x2 size the new, unadjustable horizontal size is... unpleasant. NOW. That being said, let's end on a positive note. I LOVE Evernote. I use it for Work, Grad School, and Personal notes and I have it installed on my Android Tablet (ASUS Transformer Prime TF201), my cellphone (Sprint EVO 4G LTE), and my work PC Laptop.
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