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  1. I'm using Anki only for the spaced repetition scheduling, with the card content being just a link to the evernote note. Go through the usual Anki review process, click on the link to open up the note, review it, mark it as reviewed in Anki, then wait for the next time it comes up to review it again whenever the next spaced repetition is due. Problem solved.
  2. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but you can just manually change the note's 'created' date to get the order you want. Cmd+Shift+I on my mac brings up the info window to change it quickly. It's not as elegant as simply clicking & dragging, but it works for me. I could, however, see this being a pain in the butt if I had a lot of manual sorting to do!
  3. Nope, only the full-page/bookmark/screenshot. I've tried multiple browsers with no luck.
  4. The clipper works when I right click and use the context menu, but not when I use a shortcut or click the icon.
  5. There's a chrome extension called "AlterNote Editor" that syncs with your evernote, and it has basic collapsing functionality. Seems like something that wouldn't be too difficult for evernote to implement if a third party is able to do it. But hey, maybe there's some technical reason they're holding off on it.
  6. +1 This is probably the main thing holding me back from using evernote as a note taking app. This is SUCH a vital feature!
  7. I don't understand...is there really no way to zoom in/out with evernote? That seems like a pretty basic feature. What gives?
  8. It's about 200 urls. Ok, so that's my only option, I wonder if there's a way to have a single click method of clipping. Right now I have to click the web clipper icon, then click "save article". Can I set it up to automatically use the defaults instead of having the popup?
  9. No, I don't want a list of urls to be listed in a note. I have a list of urls - each linking a web article. I'd like each url parsed to a separate note, just as the web clipper would scrape out the article title & content. I'm not sure what notelinks are...
  10. I don't know anything about folders...do you mean a folder that contains a bunch of txt files? I'm just talking about a list of urls.
  11. I have a list of article urls that I'd like to add to a particular notebook, each article being a separate note. Is there a way to batch process something like this?
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