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  1. yes it's just like lists... and I believe it does work in the desktop app when you highlight a bunch of text with carriage returns. I'm just asking is it possible to make that consistent across all platforms. from what you're saying then this is not available in Android Beta despite what the previous reply suggests?
  2. Great thanks. Any guesstimate on when that will be out of beta and released?
  3. Similar to the windows desktop app. I would like to be able to highlight a bunch of text in my notes and then press a button to make them all checkbox (todo) lines such that the carriage return delimits each task. This is much faster than adding a checkbox for each line. Thanks, keep up the good work.
  4. i am still having this issue. don't have a way to fix it permanently...
  5. ok I thought it was resolved but deleting the autoupdate folder only fixed it the first time. the folder just seems to get created again and the same issue occurs. thoughts?
  6. I had this issue for so long and only now bothered to look it up. Frugalfart's suggestion fixed the issue for me. Thanks!
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