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  1. We all seem to be after Penultimate for Android (I use LectureNotes, which is great), but surely all we need is the Ink note feature from Evernote for Windows to be added to Android - Am I way off the mark?
  2. I believe that a handwriting feature should be produced that is embedded into EN, so that handwritten notes could be tagged, searched and edited from within Evernote. I currently use LectureNotes (on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1) which, for my purposes (business notes) is by far the best handwriting app for Android. I can then dump it into EN, so that it can be tagged, but it's no longer editable. I must have tried all the handwriting apps for Android, believe me (Papyrus, Freenote, FiiNote, Memo, even OneNote etc, etc), and the one major thing that is missing from LectureNotes (and ALL the other apps) is tagging, which EN does beautifully. EN would be perfect if it allowed me to handwrite my notes. URRRGH! Frustrated that no app offers this simple mix of features!
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