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  1. Agreed . . . even if harmless, I encounter it daily and find it rather jarring/annoying. How are you testing your clipboard results? I've tried reproducing your findings using the WordPress visual editor (in chrome) and after removing formatting in Evernote, it's just pasting <div>blah</div>. It seems that the result depends on the web editor. WordPress visual editor may simplify the clipboard information before pasting it. I am using Tistory Blog that has built-in visual editor (made by Daum). You can check it here after clicking 'SAMPLE - load contents to editor' and removing all content in the editor. You can also test it in the email composition window at gmail (web) although you cannot see real HTML code. There are other visual web editors: Xinha Editor: http://xinha.raimundmeyer.de/x_examples/ext_example.html - cannot handle CKEditor: http://ckeditor.com/demo - can handle (but it seems to always remove text format). tinymce: http://www.tinymce.com/tryit/full.php - can handle.
  2. You are right. Even though the text is no longer displaying as courier when I did like what you said, the problem related to the clipboard is not solved.I want to see '<p>asdasdf</p>' not '<div><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Tahoma; line-height: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: -webkit-auto; widows: 2; font-size:12pt;">sdfsf</span></div><p><br /></p>' in the WYSIWYG web editor.Actually, we can use pressing [Ctrl+Shift+v] to paste a plain text, as a workaround.Anyway, I think the the problem on UI needs to be solved.
  3. I encountered other bugs. Please fix them:) 1. Double-clicking new document opens a non-relevant window Reproducing process 1. Create new document by pressing Ctrl+N in the document list. 2. Insert an random text (e.g., 'aa') in the editor and click the document in the document list. Then, press '[Delete]' key to delete the article. 3. Create new document again by pressing Ctrl+N in the document list. 4. Double-click the empty document in the document list, then you will see a window that shows the deleted document instead of showing a window with an empty document. Expected Result Show a window with an empty document. 2. GUI Crash Reproducing process 1. Create new document by pressing Ctrl+N in the document list. 2. Press the [enter] key repeatedly until the cursor is located at the end of the window. 3. Press the [enter] key only once. Then you will see the GUI is crashed at the bottom of the window. Expected Result Exhibit a clear ending line of the editor frame.
  4. Evernote V5 is great! I have been enjoying using EVERNOTE for long time. During using Evenrnote V5 beta, I think I found a weird behavior. Reproducing process: 1) Current default font setting is 'Tahoma' in the configuration dialog. 2) Create a new note. 3) Type anything in the note's content. (e.g., 'asdsffd') 4) Press Ctrl+Shift+Space. 5) Font style is changed into 'Courier, Courier New, monospace' 6) When I copy the text and paste int WYSIWYG web editor in my blog and see how the text is converted in HTML, I saw the following code. '<div><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Courier, 'Courier New', monospace; line-height: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: -webkit-auto; widows: 2; font-size:12pt;">asdsffd</span></div><p><br /></p>' Expected Output: - The default font should not be changed in the EVERNOTE editor. - I should see '<p>asdasdf</p>' in the WYSIWYG web editor just like I copied and pasted the text from Notepad. Suggestion: - For the text that the font formatting is removed, EVERNOTE need to show the text in the editor applying default font style. - When the text is copied, font style (including font size) should be removed in the clipboard information.
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