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  1. Many times when I scan documents (usually hebrew docs) the app will auto rotate them upside down and then I need to manually adjust each page. 
    Is there a way to prevent this?
     don't understand why there is no setting available to enable/disable this function.


    I am a new user slowly getting hooked on to Evernote.  I have been reading about the concerns related to storing secured information on Evernote cloud. I guess the general recommendation is that if you consider some information should be secured, just do not store it in Evernote. Now my question is what documents should be considered secure.


    1. Storing passwords in evernote or any cloud service is a terrible idea. I get this.

    2. Bank statements - some have said that the account no in bank statements is secure information. Can someone explain why this is secure information? what happens when some hacker gets access to it?

    3. Tax returns - Can this be kept in evernote?  This contains soc sec no etc.


    What do you all do? What kind of information that you DO NOT keep in evernote?  Where do you store such information? (e.g another cloud service that supports encryption on storage)? How do you integrate that cloud service with your Evernote workflow?


    The way I view and use Evernote is this:

    1. Don't put anything unencrypted into Evernote that I consider sensitive.
    2. For sensitive documents I want in Evernote, I encrypt them first (like PDFs)
      1. ​Many PDF tools offer 128-bit encryption
      2. Adobe Acrobat X (and later) and other tools also offer 256-bit encryption, but you won't be able to view the PDFs inline.

    Finally, I am in the process of evaluating Wuala which provides highly encrypted Cloud storage that also can sync to your local files like DropBox.


    I use this approach too.

    I don't have many documents I consider too sensitive to hold in my EN cloud. If I want a protection layer on some file I use the documents original built in password protection (for ms-office documents or pdf's) or I compress it with encryption before uploading it to EN. I lose the possibility to find the note through search within the document but I can still find it by words in the description or tags etc.

    To minimize the risk of unauthorized access I use 2 factor authentication on my account and password protect my mobile devices.

    If someone wants to hack my EN and will invest enough effort I guess they could, but I don't have any top-secret information there as I usually keep the nuclear launch codes on a different system.

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