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  1. I also rated them 1 star on Google Play Store and mentioned the reason. Also pinged them on twitter regarding this. To be honest, it's more than fair to treat them the way they treat their customers and ignore them. This is a super critical issue for many paying customers, including me. This is not a fancy feature which nobody uses or a minor bug that happens to 2 customers only. I am a software developer myself and I know how prioritizing tickets and "epics" should work. This should be prioritized as a "showstopper". If they don't understand this, let's make them understand.
  2. By the way, Evernote's RTL was never working correctly. Always had problems with it on all platforms.
  3. Are you serious? You're avoiding to switch to a brilliant OS with the highest levels of control, just because of an app? You're sacrificing the OS because of an app, even a worthy one? It's like you say "I want to change my ordinary car with a luxurious one, but I really like my key chain, so no, until Ferrari makes a key chain like mine, I don't change my car"! OS is much much more important than some apps, the impact of a great OS (like Linux, especially if the distribution of your choice is a great one like Linux Mint which combines beauty and functionality) on your life is much more significant than a single or a bunch of apps. By the way, I noticed some days earlier that although I make a lot of notes with Evernote, I rarely use my notes (because I usually do a web search and in most cases, the first found item is the one containing my previous note). In addition, you can still have the Evernote's web clipper extension installed on all your browsers and use it for some of your notes which are pertaining to the web. You can have both Win and Linux side by side without any problem, like what I'm doing (I have 5 OSes installed on my laptop, and I use all of them), and whenever I need an app that's installed on my windows, I simply reboot to Win. I suggest trying Linux Mint 15 64bit (with Cinnamon), you'll certainly fall in love with it after a while, that's what happened to me too. There are some apps, tools, and functionalities in Linux that you can't find on any other OS, and they really help to increase your productivity.
  4. I'm sorry, I didn't see the 13.5% share of Win XP. Considering that and 0.4% Win NT's share, Win's share sums to 78.315% in total. Still there's a significant difference with 90%.
  5. I know that this won't affect Evernote's decision, but some clarifications are needed: 1. Wikipedia isn't a good reference for technical statistics. Apparently, there is no official linux users statistics, but I think this W3 Schools' statistics is more realistic. According to that, till Sep. 2013, the share of Linux is 4.8%, not 1.52%. And Win's share is 68.6% not 90.81%. 2. Many of Linux users have other OSes installed as well. For exmaple, I have Win 8, Win 7, Linux Mint, openSUSE, and Ubuntu installed. But anyway, I rarely use Win. Some people have Linux installed beside OS X. So the real percentage of Both Win & Mac is certainly lower than what's in stats. 3. Software availability is not anymore a serious problem for Linux users, like it used to be many years ago. In my opinion, now the situation is vice versa, i.e. there are more amazing software for Linux than for Win for example. Now, there are very few companies (including Evernote) that still refuse to offer software for Linux. 4. Don't consider Linux users population "so few people". Even if we consider the nominal 4.8% percent, just convert this percentage to number of people. According to this live computer sale counter, 260,000,000 computers have been sold only this year. Consider ~5% of the whole computers exist on the planet, there are multi ten millions people using Linux. Isn't there any chance of Evernote Premium users among this huge crowd? Like I said, I know this doesn't affect EN's decision, but we should avoid letting our biases to mislead us. Think freely.
  6. Evernote certainly does respect their users. Just because they don't do something you want them to do doesn't mean they are disrespecting you. A company is not a democracy. Those in charge have to make choices & they have chosen to not make a Linux client. And lastly, they are not dictating (or even trying to dictate) what OS you use. First, it's not just what I want them to do, it's a repeated request from the huge free software community and particularly Linux community. Second, Evernote is not a regular company, it was a startup that grew up using the funds from public companies, organizations, and universities. "Public" implies that it was financially supported by the taxes paid by people. So, now it's the company's turn to pay back the money by offering its service to all of those people out there, and not to exclude a large portion of them, even though they're not the majority (but still they're a huge crowd). And last, by refusing to offer your service for a big OS, doesn't it mean that you're shouting at people out there: "Okey guys, if you want to use our service, you should use either Windows or Mac, we hate Linux"? I personally think they're afraid from letting people see their source code, and on the other hand, it's ugly to provide a non-free (code-wise) software for Linux. That's their problem in my opinion.
  7. Both Everpad and Nixnote (Nevernote) suck! In addition, Evernote native client sucks under wine. After trying these, I use Evernote's slow web client (website). There is a HUGE community of Linux users, many of them using Evernote (some of them like me, on a daily basis). I really think Evernote should respect all of its users. It's a democratic world, not an authoritrian one where you dictate your users which OS they should use. We really want it dear Evernote!
  8. Nested stacks are absolutely needed. The Evernote team should seriously consider this issue, this is very important. I've got used to Chrome style bookmarks: I store my bookmarks in multi-level nested structure. Although I use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks across different browsers, I use Chrome for organizing them because it has a very intuitive and efficient bookmark manager which lets you manage bookmarks and bookmark folders like regular files and folders with the same shortcuts and mouse operations you use in your OS (Windows shortcuts are the de facto among OSes) like holding down Shift or Ctrl, multi select, drag and drop, easily rename, even Ctrl+Z to undo your actions, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V. I think notebooks should be considered as folders rather than notebooks, then you don't need stacks anymore, you can put your notes in these folders, and of course you can have multiple folders inside each other (as many hierarchical levels as you need). Stacks are not the best concept for organizing notes, you cannot put single notes in them. If you consider folders you can have both folders and notes inside another folder (again like bookmarks), which is needed most of the times. And of course, we should be able to use regular desktop interactions with them, like using the same keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, and so on. Does it have any impact to request this feature here? Thank you in advance.
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