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  1. I am using the Evernote install from the Mac App Store (Version 7.4 (457000 App Store)), though this issue has been occurring for a few versions at least. I prefer to have attachments set to "attachment" instead of "inline" view. If I change all of the attachments to be viewed as attachments, add more text (it doesn't matter how much... it could be a word or 1000 words), and then press CMD+Z, the undo happens correctly to the text, but it also reverts the attachments to inline. Nothing seems to keep their view as attachments. Anyone else seeing this? Is there a solution?
  2. I couldn't get the same thing to happen. Does the newest note need to have a tag or something in it? No, it does not. To test, I created a new note with a title and one line of text in the body. I then created another new note and immediately double-clicked it. The new note opened in a new window and has the same title and body as the note I previously updated. I did a screencap of this in action. Here is a link to it (I could not figure out how to share media directly in this forum with limited time.) http://www.screencast.com/t/oyh2o5uWpxo
  3. I think I found a new bug that I have not seen reported here. When I click the New Note button in the banner, the new note appears in my All Notes list. I then double-click the new note to open it in a new window. The new note has the tags, info, and notes from the note that I had most recently updated. Is anyone else seeing this?
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