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  1. My web client bumped to v6.8.0 a few days ago (plus I also upgraded to Chrome 80.0.3987.163) and it has been fine since. *shrugs*
  2. Has there been a regression? I have just started noticing this on my system. I'm using evernote web client v6.7.1 on Google chrome 79.0.3945.130 (on debian linux). Placing the mouse pointer at the top or bottom of a note text area initiates scrolling, as per the above reports. It may have been happening for a while without my noticing, as I use keyboard shortcuts mostly, so the mouse usually only traverses those regions when leaving the tab or if I'm doing formatting. Super frustrating, naturally.
  3. Take a look at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/102215-option-to-disable-the-message-you-are-leaving-evernote-on-external-links/ (basically: if you're using chrome, you can use tampermonkey to add a userscript that will automatically click past the page for you). Tampermonkey I think is available for most browsers, so it should solve your problem - certainly works well for me on Chrome (on linux).
  4. Oh, also @Scott T., just wanted to say it's very encouraging to see some proactive engagement happening here in the forums. I hope it's indicative of a brighter path ahead for Evernote. 👍
  5. That's well worth trying - but do consider that you might lose nested list indenting if you do - there's a bug with the older web client and some browsers, so keep that in mind if you are a heavy user of indented lists (it only seems to affect notes that you edit while using the old version, so if you're only editing a test note it won't affect your other notes). FWIW, I switched to the older version recently (more so because the new one wouldn't load at all for me for about a week) but I switched back as soon as I could due to the list formatting issue. I didn't experience this reload is
  6. Can't talk for Jeshi of course, but when it happened to me it was a single tab only. Your description sounds similar to the circumstances surrounding the old duplicate notes issue, which i haven't experienced for a while - perhaps there was a fix for that which is now causing this (thinking of xhr requests arriving out-of-sequence at the server). I have other extensions running (incl adblocker) but can't replicate this issue reliably enough to rule them out easily as i am rarely getting the error myself now.
  7. I use the web client every day and yes, I've started seeing this happening, I think in the last week or so. I think it's only ever lost the very last few seconds of stuff I've entered but it is worrying. Sometimes I've been switching between other apps and come back to find the error, and not been entirely confident that the last thing was still there 😕
  8. I went into some detail in my 2006 post linked just above. To reiterate, possibly more clearly... :-) Include a session-specific hash and a sequence number in each XHR update sent by the browser At the server: only ever create a duplicate note if "last-edited-by-hash" does NOT match the new update's session hash (ie, two concurrent apps/tabs: user is on their own) If an update arrives out-of-order (ie, has a lower sequence than last-edited-by), discard it (since we already have a more recent edit applied). If they do shard updates (ie, they send the chan
  9. Yep, I let my subscription lapse, too.
  10. Unfortunately this issue has existed since 2014 and Evernote have shown very little interest in resolving it. I posted a rough overview of what seemed to be causing it in 2015 here And then in 2016 a more detailed description of the process and possible solutions here The short version is that I think xhr requests are arriving out of order and the backend blindly applies them in the order it receives them. If you're on wifi your connection might be quietly reconnecting in the background, that was a problem I was having with the Realtek Linux drivers at the time.
  11. I'm confused, why would an update to webclipper resolve an issue with evernote-web (a separate product) which (at least in my case) wasn't even installed on my browser when I was having the issue?
  12. This issue is getting ridiculously old and remains frustrating. I don't know if nobody's simply taken the time to look at it or if none who looked at it have clicked as to what's going on. My theory is that as changes are made and XHR requests are sent from the browser to https://www.evernote.com/shard/s136/enweb/notestore/ext via focusclient-0.js, some of those requests are getting through out-of-order. Eg, request #1 is sent, but for whatever reason (single lost packet, wifi dropout, sunspots) it doesn't get through straight away and sits in a retry/retransmission buffer somewhere
  13. I've been getting this regularly since putting in a new wifi nic on my desktop, although I have also had it happen sporadically over the last year or so. Currently Chrome 41.0.2272.89 64bit on Linux. My wifi has been glitching out and it seems if I'm editing a note at the time I'll get a heap of duplicated notes. No conflicts, just duplications. The oldest ones seem to be the most up to date (hinting that the later dupes are actually from earlier save attempts so were perhaps on a stack or queue). Also these are pre-existing notes that had been saved in previous sessions, not new notes. By t
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