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  1. Jackolicious - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm nowhere near making decent use of Evernote, but finding out today that i needed to explore upgrading the system on my macbookpro is just the kind of thing that makes me wilt with feelings of resentment & inadequacy. & there's no way i'm gonna mess with my lil workhorse's OS. xoxxo
  2. Y'all have iPads & stuff but I made a critical recording on my phone and the next time I went to record the title of the first.recording came up and said there was nothing in the note so it was either save somethin empty or delete. I searched notes.for the title of my recording but nada. Where ARE recordings? I saved the first recording to a specific notebook and.the empty thing I deleted was in IN. I know how inexperienced I am compared to.you all but I am freaking out here.
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