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  1. This string has been helpful, thanks to all. Just a few quick notes on the topic. I too have tried, tested and worked to find an "ease" of use/entry system that integrates Evernote. In short, my foundation system in a perfect world would be Evernote. The day evernote implements an email client and basic task management product will be my personal utopia. In years past I have used several 3 app systems and now I find I can use a number of 2 app systems. The root issue and the reason I keep returning month after month to this web search is my endless hunt for a fully integrated 2 app system or the next gold standard of Evernote upgrades. My foundation TO DO app is still OmniFocus. Very detailed of course and offers amazing features yet is weak on many fronts. Greatest downside is the desktop "Mac" only software. Deal killer for full team collaboration. I've used Wunderlist and it works well but doesn't offer any fully evernote integration. I've tried to use "The Secret Weapon" and similar solutions but find them challenging to follow or at least maintain. Boxer is a good email integration with Evernote feature but doesn't integrate tasks into Evernote. IQTELL is very promising. I'm afraid it is 6 months away from being truly "IN THE GAME" when it comes to app, web and desktop integration with Evernote. The web option is great but offers far less detailed integration with the mobile apps. Also, it feeds Evernote but is more of it's own "eco system" solution. Evernote is an add on feature. SmartTM is also very promising. Again, maybe 6 months to a year away from being "IN THE GAME" as well. mobile app has promise but way too buggy and featureless to use as a reliable integration. Plenty of promise. I just hope someone gives them a few million to do what they need to do or Evernote to buy them. Either would be a huge "future" for both. I've read ever "Asian Efficiency" solution pulling OmniFocus and Evernote together. The system is still using Evernote as a data library and doesn't integrate push/pull for real task management. The "pen and paper" system seems to be the only thing that works and it requires too much in the way of processing. By "pen and paper" I mean basic "forward of email to evernote" then go to Evernote and review, reminder, etc. An email app that is really good is Dispatch. I happen to love Dispatch for processing emails OUT. That being said, it only shows INBOX. If you have a service that drives something to a sub folder, you can't get to it. (yet). It's a one way street. Inbox to Evernote. Tag and place in notebook and gone. Just a faster version of "forward an email" type method. Most apps and softwares I've used I find that Evernote is an "ADD ON" feature not a foundational part of the system. (Other than SmartTM, but as I said they are VERY far from being a first choice without tons of improvements). For now I guess I just wait for Evernote to grow in features, someone like SmartTM to get funding and hiring they need, an email/task management app to fully integrate with Evernote with PUSH/PULL. The hope is to have the "easy" stuff handled in Evernote and the hard stuff managed in evernote and all the processing handled in Evernote. (IMO).
  2. Can't live without Evernote and I use iPad daily. However, much like everyone I spend my life trying to find the elusive app that does all I would want AND integrates with Evernote. IF Penultimate at least offered ZOOM, that would be a HUGE bonus. Right now I'm stuck living with amazing note taking apps that I would give up in a second once Penultimate provides the zoom entry window. Until then it will simply be a second tier product compared to Notability, Notes Plus and the new front runner (because of the OS X integration) Note Suite. Please Evernote/Penultimate, add a few basic features to the product. If I had my dream come true you would merge Evernote, Penultimate and Skitch into one master product. (just dreaming however)
  3. I was hoping there were some updates to the "open in" issue, specifically in iPhone. I've read as much as I can find and have taken extreme action on my iPad and iPhone. I have tons of annotating apps, tons of handwriting note apps, etc. When going to DROPBOX or CLOUD or BOX, the "open in" feature allows me to see a ton of apps but EVERNOTE is in fact missing. Now that "skitch" is more and more integrated I was looking to use this as my annotation app outside of the other 10 PDF annotate apps. Yes, I have uninstalled every annotate app and 90% of the note apps. I have reset the iPhone. I can't help but assume I'm missing something. I've NOT done a full reset and "start as new" on either the iPhone or iPad. Before I do I am hoping there is a solution or a note from someone that has discovered a "click this and that" poof, all fixed.
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