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  1. I have lots of handwritten notes in light ink that once scanned are barely readable and some not at all. The forum posts I found about light ink gave information for ongoing processes, but mine is not ongoing. The 500 students in China who wrote down their contact info for me are not available to do it again in darker in. Scanning at 600 dpi didn't help much, if at all. The help stuff on contrast seems to assume you are scanning text, not handwriting. BTW, the ability to have these notes OCR'd is optional as far as I'm concerned--I just want to be able to read them on the screen. I can't redo the scans, the notes have been discarded. Can anyone tell me (in simple steps) what to do? I'm a new premium member and have never posted before, so if I am doing somthing wrong in terms of posting here, please be kind when you tell me. Yes, I did search for an answer before posting.
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