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  1. Yet another unhappy user... The new app is VERY laggy compared to the previous version. It lags when scrolling, opening search takes 1-2 seconds after tapping search, opening the left menu takes 2 seconds after tappping the elephant icon. Is it THAT processor intensive? Editing (trying to edit) tags is funny - you've now got the green cursor and selection inside the green tag bubble. Selecting text is guesswork. And I fully agree on what has already been stated on the Announcements. This thing should be accessible within several taps but definitely shouldn't mess up my workspace.
  2. Worked for me. Thank you, jefito!
  3. Is it just me or you cannot currently customize the left panel except removing smth? I was experimenting and removed everything from there (atlas, tags, notebooks - everything.) Now I've got an empty left panel with no ability to add anything back to it.
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