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  1. Yes, Linux makes a lot of sense in the datacenter. And also on the desktop. More then people seem to think. And yes in my view it does make them a leech. I also agree this is a business decision. Just like Oracle makes all kinds of business decisions...... What I'm looking for is a company with a more open view to the world, and not with the goal of squeezing every last dollar out of a product.
  2. You know, the thing is... Evernote is not against using Linux to make money. They evidently use it on their servers: https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2013/10/10/inside-evernote-phil-jensen/, it's in their switches, routers, firewalls, storage, etc. I bet some users (IT or other) use Ubuntu on their desktops/laptops. So they want to USE it, but not release their own product for Linux. In my book that makes you a leech as a company. I know they don't care, but I've left evernote. I'm using other local tools that are available on my linux desktop. @evernote: Don't become a moneygrabbing fac
  3. Evernote is like the roman empire in Asterix and Obelix. With the army claiming "We have captured the whole of France!" And ceaser replies: "The WHOLE of France?" And the army going: "Well... except perhaps for this tiny little village...." Translated to Evernote: Evernote: We are a cross-platform solution! The community: Truly all platforms? Evernote: Well... Except for this one platform....
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