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  1. I am seeing this exact same problem. I've been using Evernote+Skitch in combination to read and annotate articles for my MA research. This is pretty key functionality. Any suggestions? EDIT: I uninstalled and then reinstalled Evernote hoping that would make a difference. it did not, unfortunately. EDIT: I've been able to annoatate two PDFs with success, but it doesn't seem consistent. Perhaps annotation is only possible with a certain type of PDF encoding? It would be good to have some commentary from an Evernote developer or product expert here.
  2. @Joe Lopez - That's good to know. It won't help me with this particular paper I'm writing, but hopefully it will be released in time for the next one. Thanks! - sG
  3. I'm also experiencing all kinds of buggy behavior in Skitch on iOS. I'm trying to annotate PDFs. The annotations aren't being passed back to Evernote, a "Save" action in Skitch generates the Cocoa error mentioned above, Skitch has crashed multiple times, requiring that I start my annotations all over again.
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