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  1. My issue with keeping those products separate is the link back from Evernote to the app is non-existent. My handwritten notes can be updated a lot during a sale, and once organised by Evernote they become much harder to find in Penultimate. I’d be happy if you click on a note in Evernote and it opens it in Penultimate (or Noteshelf, for example). Otherwise just fix Sketch within Evernote to have multi page from within Sketch. At the moment it’s a UX mess, which ever way you look at it.
  2. Yes! I thought it was just me. I find when you go back to the note and add a sketch, it adds at at the top. Cut out the sketch and add a new one, paste, it works at the insertion point.
  3. Merging Penultimate into Evernote would solve this. I think the biggest problem with Sketch within Evernote is the ability to pinch and zoom. Continually throws the Pencil into blocky motion or skips drawing anything. Horrible setup. Yet Penultimate works fine! Another option...have a link within Evernote that lets you open up a Penultimate note. I still can’t fathom why this isn’t standard. Such disconnect between the two apps.
  4. An easy way to do this would be have a + symbol up near the undo/redo/change rotation buttons, which creates a new sketch page.
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