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  1. Good luck been trying to get my ever note fixed for a week and running !! This stuff is too important for this LACK OF SERVICE ,,I sure hope I can migrate to neat or something else!
  2. I am a huge fan of ever note. I have been using it for business and personal stuff. I decided that instead of sharing all my inbox stuff with my office staff. I would like to have a separate account and put all my life stuff into that account which of course includes the last few years of stuff already organized in stake located under a personal tree. Also : Just say someone who has everything on Evernote like me : Perhaps from there kids 1rst grade assignments though the 12th grade. That kid wants to have his own account and would like a organized copy to take along with him which might have car info , licenses, insurance, banking, etc etc . There should be a way to easily duplicate or move all together those notes. Its a great hook for Evernote...Yet to my dismay, Not available not as a easy move the whole stack option. I cannot believe the limitation that other than exporting single notes ( I am still not sure if it is even searchable without tags... Ouch! Yes...I learned by a Evernote tech guy that it cannot be done except for moving individual notes! I had such promise that this was going to be my lives keepsake for everything paper!! Someone will copy this concept enough and make it forward thinking . One other of a 100 's of examples I could think of, that would make this useful. We have a small business I have personal and my business all in stacks organized for taxes etc as well as personal. Say I want to sell the business ? And I want to break out last 5 years of all business receipts exedra and give new owner in an organize way... Everything without giving up my copy? I could go on and on ... Frustrated in az!! ( Shame on Evernote!
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