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  1. I'm also going to have to put my name in on improving the search function on the Android Evernote version. There have been times that the result I even searched for didn't come up at all (even though I knew it existed, and it was just one term).
  2. So far I love a lot about the mobile (specifically the android version) version of Evernote. However, I find myself always going back to the Windows version of Evernote because of a huge time saving feature. Multi-selection of notes! Can you devs look into allowing us to select notes and move them into different notebooks, and areas inside of Evernote? I have hundreds of notes and there is simply no way I can get anything done on the Android version, it's just not happening. I would pay for that alone! I do already pay for the Premium account though. Also, if there was any way you guys can also put total number of notes shown back that would be incredibly awesome. I would rather have more features, and more information shown than less information shown for the sake of some silly design rules.
  3. I know your pain a little. While I'm not a premium account, I have learned to use evernote with caution. Especially when it comes to formatting I haven't even bothered with evernote. I will not mess with bulleted note, or number bulleting. They've brought me strange issues. With evernote bringing out crazy expensive scanners, and crazy expensive physical notebooks I think they got their priorities mixed up. I want to see the software beautifully made, and refined, however I can't really ask for more since I'm not even paying. For formatting I used google docs but since they already have enough of my information, I'm getting my personal things out of it. lmlefthanded, you might want to take a look at Quip. It looks fairly new, and might bring about competition to evernote, leading to improvements for both platforms. Quip looks like it's multi-platform too.
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