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  1. I'm also going to have to put my name in on improving the search function on the Android Evernote version. There have been times that the result I even searched for didn't come up at all (even though I knew it existed, and it was just one term).
  2. So far I love a lot about the mobile (specifically the android version) version of Evernote. However, I find myself always going back to the Windows version of Evernote because of a huge time saving feature. Multi-selection of notes! Can you devs look into allowing us to select notes and move them into different notebooks, and areas inside of Evernote? I have hundreds of notes and there is simply no way I can get anything done on the Android version, it's just not happening. I would pay for that alone! I do already pay for the Premium account though. Also, if there was any way you guys can also put total number of notes shown back that would be incredibly awesome. I would rather have more features, and more information shown than less information shown for the sake of some silly design rules.
  3. I would suggest you do not use your Evernote email address. Over the past year, I've been unsubscribing from the various emails I get from companies I haven't purchased from in a couple of years or message boards I no longer consider germane to my lifestyle/workflow. I'd say about 1/4-1/3 are problematic as far as getting off their email list. There's even one in particular that I've unsubscribed from about five times in various ways & have finally given up. (For now.) Anyway, my point is, giving out your Evernote email address means you cannot control what is sent to your account & what will consume your monthly upload limit. Sure, you can change your EN email address. But then you'd have to change it for all the things you still want to go there. SO...IMO, it's best to utilize the forwarding function. That's what I do. Thank you soo much! I also thought too that if I subscribed to a site that implemented absolutely no email opt-out selection that I would be doomed and ultimately have those specific emails indefinitely coming in. I'm going to go ahead and stick to the safer side and just use gmail filters. I have a current email subscription that had the option to sub out and I've done and followed everything possible to get out but it ignores me. I have ultimately labeled them as spam via a filter.
  4. I know your pain a little. While I'm not a premium account, I have learned to use evernote with caution. Especially when it comes to formatting I haven't even bothered with evernote. I will not mess with bulleted note, or number bulleting. They've brought me strange issues. With evernote bringing out crazy expensive scanners, and crazy expensive physical notebooks I think they got their priorities mixed up. I want to see the software beautifully made, and refined, however I can't really ask for more since I'm not even paying. For formatting I used google docs but since they already have enough of my information, I'm getting my personal things out of it. lmlefthanded, you might want to take a look at Quip. It looks fairly new, and might bring about competition to evernote, leading to improvements for both platforms. Quip looks like it's multi-platform too.
  5. I want to create some evernote notebooks that will just suck in all my current gmail subscriptions so that way I wouldn't have to bother with opening up gmail for that. I'm wondering if I can skip my gmail entirely and just use my evernote address itself? Most importantly is it safe / smart to do either options? I get like dozens of email subscriptions at a given moment so I'm wondering then if html emails are going to suck up available data quickly also? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion gaz, however I've been trying to get Clearly to grab a number of articles, pages, and the the URL is not being captured. Only certain / random hyperlinks are getting grabbed.
  7. I use the "Windows Start button + A" key combination like almost everyday. I'm starting to accumulate a huge amount of notes that are done in this fashion. It's perfect. The problem is that Evernote doesn't title the note to the website title. I'm able to by dragging the shortcut to desktop, and then drag that shortcut to Evernote (that was what I used to do, but not anymore as it's extremely time consuming when I wish to grab 5 or 10 links in rapid succession). Anyone have any thoughts? Is there some place to suggest this to the Evernote? I have a ton of notes titled by URL which is not cool.
  8. So to explain a little bit further, If I'm inside an app on android and I try to create a note to save a hyperlink everything works fine.The hyperlink is fully functional and viewable within android. The problem is that when I go to the desktop version of Evernote (windows) that same note doesn't have an active or clickable hyperlink. I have approximately 100 notes or saved links that are this way. Anyone have any thoughts?
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