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  1. Of course, I'm on MacOS, CalS! Thanks JMichaelTX for the emoji idea. Better than nothing!
  2. I love Evernote, but would love it more if there were a way to visually tag notes with a color or label system. I have a large and growing Food Recipes notebook where I store recipes I've clipped (via Web Clipper). When in Snippet View, I'd like to add a color or visual tag to indicate recipe favorites, for example? For now I add a tag and type in 1-5 asterisks to rate my recipes, but the asterisks are hard to see quickly.
  3. Unless I'm mistaken, I can't find anywhere in Skitch for Mac to change the hot keys that invoke various kinds of screen captures. For example, Skitch uses Shift+Command+5 as its hot key to invoke the Crosshair Snapshot. Unfortunately, SnapzPro uses the same key combo. Now I can't get SnapzPro to appear. Every time I press Shift+Command+5 Skitch shows up first. Any suggestions?
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