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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, I can't find anywhere in Skitch for Mac to change the hot keys that invoke various kinds of screen captures. For example, Skitch uses Shift+Command+5 as its hot key to invoke the Crosshair Snapshot. Unfortunately, SnapzPro uses the same key combo. Now I can't get SnapzPro to appear. Every time I press Shift+Command+5 Skitch shows up first. Any suggestions?
  2. Yes, I had a copy of Skitch 1.x installed. I've since deleted it and now Skitch 2.x works fine. Thanks, Joe.
  3. Although I've successfully used Skitch 2.0 in the past, now when I open Skitch the Capture menu is dimmed out. I find no way to trigger a screen capture. See attachment. All other menus except Skitch and Help are also dimmed. Any suggestions?
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