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  1. So I get an e-mail from Evenote advising me that my Premium subscription is about to expire. I followed the link to renew my subscription, enter all the data, but the site refuses to accept credit cards. And now I cannot even create a new note. One Note is starting to look pretty good.
  2. I think the flash glare is totally a camera issue. I had the glare problem with my Samsung Galaxy 3. I just upgraded to the Galaxy 4, and the camera flash glare is not an issue at all.
  3. This seems like a Big Problem. I read where people store every document they have in Evenote. Some people have, like, 8,000 notes on Evenote. That's a lot of gigs' worth of notes. If those people run EN on their phones, are they storing all those documents on their phones? I mean, when EN devices sync with the server, all the notes are copied to every device, right? I can't store every document on my phone; my phone doesn't have that much memory. How do they do it? It would be nice if the notes were stored on the server (not the phone), and then you could search for a particular note by date, tag, key word, whatever. Is this possible?
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