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  1. Didin't know the search option was that powerfull. This can helps me right now. In future it would be nice to get a list of just that items.
  2. Oh that is it. But what i find out , i couldn't move a note between notebooks and i did it before with the info button. If i tab on the notebook (near "meer" which means "more"in dutch) then i get a list of notebooks, so it is possible to change notebooks. Great thnx
  3. See the link to a picture of a note of my. Where do i have to tap because i don't see a "more"??? (i try to add the picture)
  4. I uses the i icon a lot eg to move docs between notebooks. But the icon is gone in version 7. Heeeeelllllllppppppppp
  5. In a note i use a lot of actions. See attachment When i handle an action i will mark that action as done (example in the attachment is action 3) It would be great that there will be a possiblility to see in all notes (or just the notes in a specific notebook) what actions are open . Is this possible?? I know you can add a remark to a complete note but that isn't the way i like. thnx
  6. When i open a new note is see the large screen (see attachment 1) what i also saw in the old evernote. After saving and reopen the note is see a small not screen and on the left the headers of old notes (attachment 2). That isn't a way i would like to work. How can i get back to the large note screen?? thnx
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