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  1. Didn't see any comments on this bug and I tested it out and it's repeatable so I figured I'd type up the description of the problem. If you have enough tags on a note to be too long to display and get the dropdown menu, clicking on the 'x' to remove a tag in that dropdown results in the tag being removed from the note BUT the tag name still shows in the dropdown list. If you close out the dropdown and re-open it, the tag will not show up. In my testing, I did have one time where the correct behavior occurred and the tag was removed from the list but the rest of the time, it just stayed listed.
  2. Not only that but if you are looking at/editing a note in the main Evernote window, tab-ing from the note title goes: note title -> notebooks list -> notes list -> search bar -> back to note title. There's no way of getting to the note content with the tab (nor anything else short of the mouse as near as I can tell).
  3. Right clicking on the toolbar lets you choose to "show labels" or not.
  4. Another minor issue, again with the title bar and keyboard-centric use cases. In previous versions, if you were in the title bar and hit tab, it would logically take you to the body of the note. Now, in v5, it takes you over to the notebooks/tags section. I can assume that this is just an oversight in how the field ordering works but please keep in mind that a lot of power users don't want to have to hit the mouse to do everything! Thanks!
  5. Could you give a few examples/workflows where you need to refer to the title after you've scrolled down? Thus far, we are hoping that users can quickly hit the "i" in order to bring up the Note Title and other metadata. I don't know why the title can't be shown at all times on such a big-screened platform as Windows. The hiding of the title when you scroll makes more sense on the mobile platforms but it even annoys me there. The title of the note is a pretty important descriptor for a lot of people and having the only means of seeing it without taking your hands off the keyboard being to arrow all the way to the top is annoying!... wait, scratch that, even arrowing all the way to the top or ctrl-home won't show the title. So, the only way to see a title is to use the scroll wheel or to go click on the info button. Please, please, please, keep the title visible at all times. There's no logical reason that I can think of to hide it! I'm open to hearing the reasoning behind that decision but I don't like it as it stands now.
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