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  1. Clicking internal links in a note that's in its own window doesn't work anymore with this version. It does work when you click the same link in the same note, but in Evernote's main window instead.
  2. Thank you very much for the info. I also recommend to add it to the release notes.
  3. I have the same problem, all my local notes are gone after updating from version 6.5.4 to 6.7.6 and logging out/logging in! At least I have a backup, but that shouldn't happen!!
  4. This was the first time I'm testing a new beta, and the New Note button was the first weird thing I've noticed. I'm still using version 6.5.x (I think) on my main computer. If they don't want to get rid of this button, then at least they should provide an option to hide it.
  5. The New Note button is too big. Is there a way to hide it? It also seems misplaced, the left panel should only be about existing content. Why is this button not on the toolbar?
  6. I just read the thread "Evernote for Mac 7.0" in the Mac forum, and a lot of people also complain about buggy releases, so it's not only the Windows client. I don't know what's going on with Evernote, but they really have to fix the low-quality standard of these releases.
  7. I also had the red exclamation mark on the sync button earlier today, but after 6:20 am PT it was gone again. So maybe in your case, it's a different problem?
  8. Hi Starlyt, there were sync problems if you look here: http://status.evernote.com/ But it should work now.
  9. Hi Starlyt, there were sync problems if you look here: http://status.evernote.com/ But it should work now.
  10. Where is the new version for Firefox? The current version is really buggy.
  11. Please also fix ENScript, backups don't work anymore, see here:
  12. I use another backup script (that uses ENScript), but it also doesn't work anymore, had to revert to the older 5.9.9 Evernote version until this gets fixed.
  13. Yes, please implement print selection in a note!
  14. I also experience the bug described in comment #56 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87863-new-evernote-for-windows-591/page-3#entry376585 Please fix it, it's really annoying because I have lots of notebooks with longer names, and I can't distinguish them anymore with a default column width of 215 px.
  15. Evernote, please fix this bug or at least state why it's so difficult to fix it. It's been almost 3 years since this thread was started, this is getting ridiculous. I thought you would focus on software quality according to this post: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/01/04/on-software-quality/
  16. Some observations: General: please make Evernote look like a native app on Windows. PLEASE FIX THE SCREAMING MENU The scrollbars are too thin. They are harder to click. Why don't you use native Windows controls? When I want to have thin scroll bars, I use a Windows theme with thin scroll bars and have them everywhere. Adding non-standard UI elements destroys the user experience.Why do the outer parts of the app don't follow my Windows theme (even on Windows 8.1 Preview)? The "x" to close is not red but in a different color. See here: http://oi44.tinypic.com/eu3urr.jpg - it should look like on the left.The positive: it has a cleaner layout, I like that.
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