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  1. Chalk me up as someone who very much dislikes the way the UI is going. I did not like it when VS2012 went this way and it is sad to see Evernote is going this way as well. (No, I do not like most of the flat UI design Microsoft cooked up, it violates too many UI design principles, Android has a better balance between flat and functional). Menu titles (yes, I know you're discussing this already), basically you are defying hundreds of years of typographic knowledge and design, full upper case is more tiring to read for us humans.You lost any clear UI distinction between what is chrome and what is interaction elements, Evernote now has become a point and click adventure game next to a note editing application.You also lost any semblance to having a clearly defined unique look to your app. The Evernote green colour is nowhere to be seen and this app could be anyone's at this point.A pity formatting is still limited, would've been nice to be able to edit background colours without having to export and use an editor to fix things up.Sorry to sound so negative, but the Evernote Windows client with v5 is now a negative user experience for me. Edit: if you want an example of a high contrast flat design application: MetroTwit on Windows 7 is a nice one.
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